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Barclays Student Account

Barclays Student Account

The helpful articles team here at SEO Leaders are continuing our push to help the upcoming tech generation! by providing you with a quickdraw guide to the mighty Barclays student bank account!

Account fee

There’s no monthly fee to maintain the Barclays student account.

Arranged overdraft

An overdraft lets you borrow through your current account. It’s really meant for short term costs or emergencies and isn’t suitable for longer-term borrowing although many students may use it frequently. There is a cost associated with using an overdraft. The way you manage your overdraft, for example if you don’t repay your interest and charges regularly, may affect your credit rating which is not good for when you want a mortgage. This could make it harder or more expensive to get credit with providers in the future.

Overdrafts depend on your circumstances and can technically be asked to be repaid by the bank at any time, although they usually try and provide notice.

An arranged overdraft is when the bank let you borrow up to a pre-agreed limit – you can ask for one when you open your account or at any other time.

An unarranged overdraft occurs when your account goes overdrawn without an agreed overdraft in place or if your account actually goes over a pre arranged overdraft limit.

 How much will it cost?


When you open a Barclays student account you will get an arranged overdraft limit of £500. In the second year of university you will get a £1000 overdraft,


Year of study Arranged Overdraft limit
Study years 1, 2 and 3 £500, £1000 and £1500 in year 2 Arranged Overdraft limit




The table below shows you how you’ll be charged for using a Barclays overdraft UPTO £1500 (correct as at 02-01-23).

How does a Barclays overdraft compare? The purpose of a representative APR is to enable customers to compare the costs associated with different credit products. Barclays offers 0% overdraft up to £1500.

Arranged overdraft interest and charges up to £1500 OD Representative 0% APREAR (variable)
Unarranged overdraft interest and charges Representative 0% APREAR (variable)

Overdrafts depend on your circumstances and you must repay any overdraft when the bank asks in line with their General Terms and Conditions.

Barclays APP

  • Get alerts when payments go in or out
  • Freeze your card temporarily if you lose it!
  • Get secure PIN reminders if you forget your PIN
  • Set cash machine daily limits for your card
  • User your card with APPLE pay for really easy secure payments.

You can apply if

  • You live in the UK for tax purposes
  • You are starting or have started an undergraduate course, or degree-level apprenticeship (level 4-7) that is minimum 2 years long
  • You have a UK mobile number and a UK residential address
  • You’re 18 years old or over

If your soon to start your uni studies, you must have a ‘confirmed conditional’ offer (given after results) or an ‘unconditional’ offer of a place at university in order to get your student rail card. If you have a conditional offer only, please wait until your place has been confirmed after getting your results before making your application.

To apply for a Barclays student account please click below!

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