Htaccess Redirect Generator

Do you want to create a load of URL redirects (301s) or rewrites?

The SEO Leaders top .htacess gurus spent a few hours one weekend putting together this great htacess redirect generator tool for your usage.  Simply enter the urls you want to redirect in the top box, with the new url next to them that you want them to be redirected to(or rewritten to) and press submit. Whabooom, all your redirects or rewrites are magically generated in the second box, with the correct .htaccess syntax. Be sure to select ‘301’ if you are wanting to 301 redirect an old URL to a new URL or if you are wanting to ‘rewrite’ a URL to a new URL then select that option from the dropdown menu.

Use the .htaccess rewrite and redirect generation machine below to save a bucket load of time, sweat and manual effort!