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About Us

SEO Leaders are digital growth specialists. Our areas of expertise are Google , digital PR and related digital marketing, ecommerce and web development. We aer a small team of industry experts and have a proven track record in delivering amazing business growth through digital. Our sole focus is on delivering on your goals and exceeding your expectations. We are without doubt the best SEO company for getting you BIG results every time and helping to grow you business and ultimately, make you more money.

Digital Growth Consultants

With our extensive experience in the cut and thrust of tech entrepreneurship, SEO Leaders is able to offer a true digital growth service for your company.

Proven Pedigree

SEO Leaders founders have a proven pedigree in the internet space. Our founder Andy built what grew to be a leading global car forum (back in the day) through to our current ecommerce ventures, we walk the walk as much as talk the talk.

Digital Strategists

Our teams core values and the reason we are thriving is because we put YOUR business first. We are a team of business strategists who use the power of digital to drive your businesses growth forward.

Our Skills

We are a small team with experts on hand covering all areas of our digital service offerings. We work in a range of programming languages and ecommerce platforms, cms systems and of course bespoke systems. We have built our own software, sytems and processes to make our SEO work amazingly effective.

Happy Customers!

SEO Leaders pride ourselves on how we go the extra mile for our customers. We are no stranger to 2am server maintenance, emergency website fixes or even driving across the country to help our clients at a moments notice.

Growing Team

As a fast growing established digital agency our team has permanent and remote staff, because this brings cost efficiencies that we can pass on to our customers, while also allowing us to hire the best of the best in Uk and beyond. We are always looking to speak to talented web developers and experienced SEO consultants, please use our contact us form to talk to us about career opportunities.

Where it began

The founder of SEO Leaders, Andy C, has a long history of involvement in computing, starting back in 1983 with an Apple Lisa computer which his father owned for work! This interest in coding and IT in general led him to developing and operating a very large forums and membership sites (over 500,000 members) back in the days when forums were still a thing (pre facebook!), he really was at the forefront of SEO, before it was known as SEO.

From that early start Andy honed his skills for years as an IT manager in a large manufacturing group before deciding to strike out alone and work full time in ecommerce and web development, leading to the eventual formation of SEO Leaders.

Now, a large part of Andrews time is spent strategising and implementing digital growth and development plans for all manner of commercial businesses as well as overseeing all manner of larger digital projects.

We are a small but growing team and consist of some of the leading lights in the UK SEO industry who have between 3 and 20 + years in the industry! We know how to rank and grow your business and have honed our skills to first page rankings in some of the toughest niches out there, for example Page 1 rankings in the Loans niche and credit cards niches, in addition to being pivotal in the development of various high traffic , high growth ecommerce sites.

This love of computing and business is at the core of SEO Leaders and who we are. For us, tech talk is fun and digital never seems like a chore but work that we enjoy! .

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