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Preparing for your student homes property viewings

You might have spotted the cutest room or house, or a sweet 6 bedroom student house for you and your mates, so make sure you run through this Pre-Viewing Checklist to get a headstart on the competition.

This quick guide is in two parts. The first runs through the pre-flight essentials, to make sure you find the right sheffield student homes to view. The second covers a couple of must-haves to prepare for viewing day.

Calculate your budget

Student or maintenance loans are not usually enough to cover everything (as you probably know), so it’s super important to work out your budget before going to view any sheffield student properties.

There’s no point going to look around somewhere that’s significantly more than your acceptable price range. it is often a good idea to get together with your future flatmates together to work out the maximum acceptable weekly rent you can pay between you, but dont let that stop you from picking the perfect student house!.

Start by working out how much cash you’ll have access to over the year. Take into account your student loan, any additional grants or funding you might receive,any support you might receive from family and income from a part-time job etc

If you divide this by 52 (aka a 1 year t tenancy) this will give you your weekly budget.

Next, it’s time to add up your essential outgoings; how much will you need to spend per week on food, travel, phone contracts, cosmetics and of course your student social life. This should leave you with a figure that outlines the absolute upper limit of how much you can afford for rent and bills which is a useful thing to know going into student life!

Here at SEO Leaders we know a thing or two about student life and SHU as I myself studied there and so did several of our crack team!! If we can imbibe some of our knowledge to the future generation of tech wizards, all the better! You may even want to come and work for us one day!! (hopefully)

Think about what you’re looking for

Once you know your budget, you should take time to think about what you’re looking for as an individual tenant, or as a group of friends, in order to pick your perfect Strawberry student house.

All of our student properties are in the best areas of Sheffield (Ecclesall) so it comes down to the size and type of house you want, what is still available (be fast to get your dream student house!)

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