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SEO Leaders are a results driven digital and SEO agency based in Sheffield. We have an enviable track record of building and ranking the best websites in the most competitive niches. We provide industry leading results and will resultantly generate lots more customers for you online. We are specialists in all things Ecommerce SEO.

Introducing....SEO Sprints

A simpler methodology for driving more organic traffic and leads

Your current SEO agency lied to you. They told you “SEO is an ongoing process” to lock you in to a long term contract and charge a contracted monthly fee, even when they’re not doing any work.

The truth is, some of the work done to your website is a 1 time action, and we don’t think you should have to pay for the time waiting for your website to rank.

Here at SEO Leaders, we stack work in to short “sprints” that combines our own cutting edge proprietery technology combined with the diligent work of SEO consultants. We are able to complete 12 months of SEO work in 12 weeks meaning you are not paying for waiting to rank and know precisely what you got for your expenditure.

Stop paying for “SEO work” that you don’t need! 


This is what our customers say


Digital Marketing Agency Excellence

Our Google Ads Services, Web Development and SEO services are trusted by leading brands and many SME’s. As a result the SEO Leaders agency is fast becoming known as the premier specialist Website Development, Ecommerce and SEO agency in Sheffield and the North. SEO Leaders strives to bring clarity, transparency and trust to the Search Marketing industry. Consistently strong results, great communication and a long list of happy clients are ongoing proof that we are delivering on this strategy. We are a results oriented digital agency. We use a data driven approach and our own in house software enables us to run super efficient large projects while meeting ambitious project objectives and effectively reporting to clients against KPIs and milestones.

Our clients get the unrivalled expertise and pedigree of a leading SEO Company with all of the advantages of using a boutique SEO Agency that fights hard for each and every client. Delivering transformational growth for our clients does not come easily. It takes expert knowledge, passion, creativity, time and fastidious planning and execution.

SEO Agency FAQ

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. We have been developing and ranking websites with great success since dial up modems so can offer a clear explanation on what precisely is the meaning of SEO. SEO is the practice of increasing your website (and inner pages) in rank across primarily the Google search engine (but also Bing and others) and the digital space as a whole which can massively boost your web traffic. The better visibility your site has in search engine results, the more web traffic and resultantly potential leads and sales your business or brand will get.

We do this using a highly systemised approach, our own software and technology stack and some of the best SEO consultants in the industry!

An SEO Agency is a company that works with businesses like yours to greatly increase your visibility in search engines, primarily Google but also Bing and others. This increased visibility and better search engine results positions (SERPS) means more visitors to your website and resultantly more leads, phone calls, and sales.

SEO Agencies aim to boost your visibility in search engine results so your business gains more visitors (and as a result increases revenue) from search. Improving search visibility involves multiple tasks for SEO companies, including SEO Audits, Industry research, Competitors Analysis, (this usually comes under a professional SEO Audit) Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Creation, Technical SEO, Google Ads Agency functions, Website Development, Digital PR Campaigns and more.

That is a very wide ranging question, some SEO Agencies will only work on a monthly retainer basis where as some companies like SEO Leaders also offer SEO Sprint one off packages. As a ballpark, a commercial SEO Agency would charge anywhere from £500 per month (cheapest) through £2,000+ per month for a midrange SEO campaign to £10,000 per month ++ for bigger campaigns. One off SEO package costs vary as it depends on the size of the website (number of pages, complexity, current rankings, industry) and what the SEO work being carried out is but £2000 (per SEO package) for an SME through to £10,000 plus (per SEO package) for bigger businesses is a reliable estimation. Bear in mind SEO packages are usually bought with some degree of frequency if a company wishes to get ahead and stay ahead of the industry competition; the big difference is there is no contractual obligation to clients and in our experience this builds trust with clients. It also allows companies a degree of flexibility so they can decide to buy for example 4 SEO sprints per year (one every 3 months) and they get an optimum ROI along with a clear understanding of what they have got for their money. You can read our article here on how much SEO costs.

Good SEO Agencies can bring massive value to a growing or established business. Every year more and more business is done online (you use Amazon most weeks right?!!) and of course there is lots of money to be made by forward thinking companies who want to take the top spots in Google and beat their competition to the business. To do this using a proven and established leading SEO Agency is essential. The digital space is a very complex and ever changing multi faceted arena; using professionals who work in the industry day in day out is the way to get proper results and a great ROI (return on investment). As with every type of business, not all SEO companies are equal by a long way but if you stick with one with a proven pedigree like SEO Leaders, we will provide big results, every time.

A good question, and not one with a simple answer. A business looking for a high quality SEO Agency needs to look at what their goals are and what sort of agency will work best for them. Good SEO Agencies can generally scale to accommodate larger clients as the nature of the work means that scaleability is built into to any good agency business model.

This would leave a business looking for the best Seo Company with a few things to consider.

  1.  Does the SEO agency have a good pedigree in delivering client work? This would be usually found in there seo work portfolio.
  2.  Do you think you can work with the people at the agency(s) you are looking at?
  3.  Does the agency pricing schedule work for your budget?
  4.  Is the SEO agency in question confident that they can meet your goals?. If you are in a quandry about finding the best seo company for your SEO campaign, book a call with us and see how we can transform your online business.

SEO Leaders has a growing collection of technical articles that can help you learn some basic and advanced SEO practices. We also discuss some tools and software that are required for basic SEO work. On top of that we have articles written for helping freelancers scale up and start working for top SEO agencies.

SEO is a part of Digital Marketing, the same as CNC machining would be grouped under the engineering industry. There are a lot of similarities in the two titles; An SEO expert has the knowledge and expertise to optimise a website to increase traffic and revenue.
A Digital Marketer will often work alongside an SEO Consultant in a digital marketing campaign to increase a companies exposure using digital media. Essentially SEO is a critial set of tools that is in the digital marketers toolbox. The strategies used by SEO Consultants and Digital Marketing experts include a variety of marketing best practices including email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing etc. This is where the broader scope of digital marketing has other categories like paid ads, digital pr campaigns, SMS, TV or even radio resources. So to summarise, no they are not the same but they are inextricably linked; digital marketing describes the industry whereas SEO is a complex technical set of categories within that industry.

How we do SEO

An established battle tested SEO Company , Offering Cutting Edge SEO Services , PPC Management And Internet Marketing Services Since 2005

Web Development

Our Web Developers and software programmers have multi disciplinary experience and can build any website or SAAS platform that you desire from mild to wild.

Google Ads

SEO Leaders are specialists in Google Ads and can manage any campaign with spend of >£1k per month. Our commission on ad spend is 18% and we just know you will never want to let us go once we get your business booming!

SEO Services

Our Organic SEO Services are performed by highly skilled industry veterans. Want to get more visits and customers to your website? SEO Leaders have over 20 years experience in Organic SEO and have ranked businesses at the top of Google in some of the most competitive industries online.

Local SEO Service

We have pioneered new techniques in Local SEO and offer fixed price one off services or monthly services. Check out our local seo prices . These services are perfect for any Local Businesses for example Locksmiths, Plumbers, Electricians, Builders and more. If you have an ‘on demand’ local service and want more leads from Google, call us now!

Expert Opencart Developers

We have more than 10 years Opencart development experience including full site re themes, custom modules, payment gateways including custom API integration, custom site work, Opencart SEO work. Opencart version upgrades and anything else Opencart related.

Ecommerce Specialists

We are eCommerce Specialists; we specialise in Opencart development, Woocommerce, CScart and Magento and we can also work our SEO magic on most ecommerce platforms. We can also build you an amazing new Ecommerce site or update or modify an existing site.

Call Us Now to Take your Business to the Next Level

Our SEO Consultants are waiting to review your marketing.

We’ll review your digital marketing as it stands and suggest the best digital marketing package to grow your business

How does an SEO Project work with SEO Leaders?

Step 1 — We Review Your Project Goals

Before we start, we will look at your goals and requirements. An SEO Leaders Seo Project will be very closely aligned with helping you achieve those all important goals.

Step 2 — We Audit your Website and Online Business

Depending on where you online business is ‘at’ in terms of website traffic, revenue etc we usually advise using our SEO Audit service which results in a very comprehensive blueprint of where your website and online business is now and what work is needed to do to acheive your goals and blast your site up the rankings.

With any SEO Sprint pack or ongoing SEO work we will always have our expert SEO consultants look over your site (front and backend where possible) and also look at your digital profile for example site age, competitors, industry competition, current rankings, backlinks and more.


Step 3 — We Research Your Competitors and Industry

We want to understand how the top businesses in your industry are ranking highly for related search terms.

We want to understand your industry, the products or services you sell and your goals for business growth.

To be precise, we want to know exactly what is and isn’t working for your competitors.

If they are building links using data outreach, we want to find those links and reverse engineer their strategy and maybe outreach for some similar links.

If they are getting featured in the press using Digital PR services, we want to know about it.

We want to look at what content your competitors are creating, how good is it? how regular? and more to the point where are they getting all their traffic from.

After this research, we will craft an SEO plan that will smash your campaign targets.

Step 4 — We Create a New SEO Strategy for your Business

We now understand your business goals. We have analysed your website and digital profile. We also know whats working for your industry and competitors.

Next step; we will create an SEO strategy for your company. These range from mild to wild and simple to complex depending on 1. Your budget and 2. Your goals.

Areas that your SEO strategy will cover include:

  • Technical SEO issues on your website (and remediation plan)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Untapped areas to target
  • Keyword list building
  • Content creation strategy
  • Backlink Outreach and acquisition
  • Google Ad campaign (where a hybrid SEO model is being used)
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Overview

Step 5 — We Have a BIG Contact Network

Of course, every modern business website needs a strong backlink profile to rank strongly and produce big growth in website traffic. We know this and we can harness the power of our gigantic, tried and tested high quality link outreach network to get you those powerful backlinks. We can also run amazing Digital PR Campaigns for you to blast your business or brand into the next realm!

Step 6 — We Achieve Your Goals

The SEO Audit and strategy work is completed.

We have started into the tasks list in your SEO strategy.

Your SEO Leaders SEO Project is now in progress.

Very soon, you will start seeing the results of our teams hard work and your trust in us.

Organic SEO campaigns do not deliver overnight success but your business will benefit from greatly increased brand awareness, your website traffic will skyrocket over time and you will garner ever-increasing sales over the months and years ahead. Check out our Hybrid SEO Campaigns for more instant results combined with long term gains. This is a mixture of Google Ads and Organic SEO which will send your sales or leads through the roof!

SEO Leaders will help you to reach your business goals. Then when we do, we will help you create even greater goals and then drive your online business towards and past those too.

As you grow your business, we can scale your SEO campaign to propel your ambitions forward.

Book a FREE Call to discuss Your SEO and Business Growth!

Get a free SEO consultation call. We will assess an overview of your digital assets, and in our free call review, you can speak to our experts who will suggest the best digital marketing package to grow your business.

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