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Want to grow your sales and customer base FAST? We can make this happen with our awesome Pay Per Click campaigns.We are the top Sheffield SEO agency. We have some of the sharpest minds in the digital industry running PPC campaigns for multiple SME's and large companies and have an enviable reputation for delivering results to our clients. All SEO Leaders PPC staff are fully Google Ads certified.

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Need to establish a new digital presence before we send it to the top of the search engines?!  We have a highly experienced website development team who will ensure your site is built from the ground up to rank at the top of the search engines! We have designed and developed sites for a wide range of successful companies and followed through with our specialty knowledge in top tier search engine rankings. 

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Having been building sites since 1998 and ahead of the curve most of the way, we can rank your site on page 1 organically on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. We use ever evolving technical skills combined with a huge contact network and our team consists of some of the best brains in the industry! We will take on the most competitive keywords and industries that other's won't dare to tackle, we always get results! SEO Sheffield experts, work with us and grow your business.

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Organic SEO depends on numerous factors relating to your product or service, industry and company standing. Organic SEO , and Local SEO are our core specialities and we have massive experience in these areas. Don't be a digital dinosaur!! sign up for our free SEO ANALYSIS for us to review your site and let's work together to bring your business or brand to the top of the search engines. More rankings = more sales!!

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Our fantastic in house content team can produce awesome content for your campaign and website.

Building a strong backlink profile is a fundamental part of brand and site seo works. We can do this for your company!

Experts with Google Adwords and Bing adcentre we can handle the largest of ad campaigns with ease.

We have over 20 years experience in building the best websites on the internet. We can design and develop the perfect site for your company.

We can develop super sticky emails and campaigns and build on your mailing lists for big results!

Sheffield SEO Services

What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically the process of optimising a companies website and digital profile so that they appear high up in the organic search and map results of the major search engines. This process is very time consuming but can be summarised as follows:

Google, Bing and Yahoo want to show the best and most relevant results to their users

Using this simple but powerful understanding, SEO experts have gone deeply into the behaviour of search algorithms and determined over time that the main things for your site to rank, are having a highly relevant, quality website that meets your users needs and is also an authority source within whatever industry you may be in.

An example of an authority site would be Wikipedia.org, essentially it carries a lot of weight with the search engines and is a trusted domain within its ‘niche’ eg a digital knowledge base.

These criteria are what divides the SEO process into 2 different segments, each with an entire industry built around them but being offered in tandem by any competent SEO agency. They are namely On page SEO and Off page SEO.

On Page SEO

This involves more than just having quality content within your website. It encompasses but is not limited to the following factors.

 Good unique content, suitable word counts per article

A site that is easily understood by both the user and search engines eg google etc

A suitably fast loading webpage and site

Correct architecture to achieve the above criteria

Off Page SEO

Creating a well-designed website bursting with good content or well setup ecommerce architecture and products in the case of ecommerce sites is only a part of the equation. To rank well in anything but the most niche and uncompetitive industry, a good SEO company like SEO Leaders understands the many different facets that must be covered in this area. The first thing to be looked at regarding a clients website is the domain age, length of time indexed, when it was registered and does it have a clean history.

Googles algorithm has many facets, a key one being domain trust, often referred to as TA, or DA (PR or page rank is now null and void as google ended it as a metric). These new metrics are provided by specialist SEO services companies and can help us to benchmark a domain to see where it is at in terms of power and ranking potential.

This domain trust is essentially built up over time, from other relevant or authority websites linking to your business and referring to you as a source of information or products. The logic behind this is if a lot of websites are linking to you, that are good quality and in your industry or a related one, then your website should be trusted and would be useful to a search engine visitor.

This is not secret information however and your competitors will also be trying to rank for the keywords that are going to generate them new business and therefore profit. SEO used to be relatively straightforward 10 years ago, but with the huge money that can be generated for businesses by a large and successful internet presence, so the competition, techniques and requirements has increased in order to succeed, particularly for competitive keywords in the search engines.

Social signals? Yes, this is a big factor of modern day Search engine strategies, again this is an area that is essential to many types of online business presence.

Content marketing, CRO (click rate optimisation) are all other specialities which can play a part in a successful online business.

Link building? Another key area that is required in order to rank highly in the search engines in 2018 and onwards.

Thinking of getting your ‘IT guy’ to do this SEO thing for you? I mean, how hard can it be right? Heard of someone local who says they can do websites ‘cheap’?!

VERY BAD IDEA, we live, breathe and sleep internet marketing and it really is a very full time business that needs years of experience and a lot of knowledge to get to a competent level with things as advanced as they have become. Additionally we have a large number of very expensive software systems, lots of contacts in the industry, and the digital marketing knowledge to deliver results, in any market.

You wouldn’t trust your factory or chain of shops to be taken over and run by someone unqualified with zero credentials and experience would you?

SEO is no different, your digital presence is only going to get more and more important in the next few years, for example look at Amazon, millions of people didn’t even leave their houses for Christmas shopping this year (2017/2018) and that is just one monster ecommerce site. There are many thousands of other sites all doing big business over the internet and this number is growing y nearly 20% year on year. In 2016 there was $153billion spent in ecommerce in the UK alone, according to ecommerce news . This year 2017 the Christmas spend will rise the same amount. the internet is ripe with opportunity for all SME and larger businesses, be that for lead generation, product or service sales or brand building.



This depends to some extent on the type of business that you operate, and the size ,age and status of the business. The first thing to consider is the amount of searches that are made for your product or service on a monthly basis. We can check this information for you as it is not just a case of one search phrase eg ‘private hospital in Manchester’ but there can be many other phrases that also bring in masses of traffic for the same overall search requirement. In this example, a private hospital in Manchester.

Another thing to consider is if a potential customer who doesn’t (yet) know your business searches for your product or service on a search engine, will your website be found in the top results? No, ok you need a professional SEO agency like SEO leaders to make this happen for you!.

Provided that the generic search volume for your industry or industries will justify the time, effort and cost involved in building your presence up to rank for those keywords. Make no mistake, SEO is very time consuming, and for National level search keywords requires a lot of resources from the SEO agency in terms of contact networks, in house skills and brainpower, and in house analytics software packages and specialist services to help you achieve your goals and bring massive long term business benefits.

Local businesses can certainly benefit from the added exposure of a high ranking business in the search engines too. For example, how many times did you use the yellow pages recently? SEO services in Sheffield are limited to a few agencies and we are disrupting the market with our technical SEO skills and vast resource network and experience.

 A huge number of people now use the internet to find local businesses and suppliers, this can make big business from Local SEO  or national SEO. Being on page one of google can really pay off in terms of revenue increase and growing your business, but as with any other type of marketing campaign, it needs an investment in time and money. See our SEO COSTs page (LINK) for our prices for our SEO services.



This depends on many varying factors but from our extensive experience, if we were to assume that you have recently registered a brand new domain name and are wanting to be found for low or medium competition local keywords, if our seo plan is followed to the letter and the website on page meets our standards or we edit it to meet them, then we usually expect to start seeing position changes that deliver a ROI in about 6 months. If your website is already ‘aged’ and has a level of trust with Google and other search engines then the results can often come more quickly.

For national campaigns, it depends entirely on the age and authority of your brand or website, the competitiveness of the market, and of course, your budget! Anything is possible with the right resources applied to it but you would need to meet with us at SEO Leaders towers and discuss your requirements and we can advise more accurately what is required.

The same is applicable for e-commerce SEO which we are very experienced in due to having some high profile clients and many years experience. We work closely with other technical SEO experts in the ecommerce SEO arena and resultantly have a great talent pool to work with. Depending on your current position, for National search terms and ecommerce we always do extensive keyword research, researching search volumes and then target lower volume (and therefore less competitive) keywords to ensure business profitability while also building trust within the search engines and working towards our end game of the more national search terms.




We have a well-defined action list for each new SEO client we work with. With any campaign, we will start by going through your website, fixing any bad code or structure as required or making recommendations of what has to be done to it if you want to fix it yourself.

Then there is the market and keyword analysis and a frank discussion of where your business is currently, where you would like to be and how we can work together to achieve this.

Then we analyse the content of your site, we then work on a plan to add value where required for visitors and the search engines.

The next phase is social profiles as required, social signals and establishing you as the online authority in your industry. This requires a multi-faceted approach using our hard earned assets and experience.

We also work on link building to your site as a tie in with the factors above, and shareable content is often used in press releases to garner interest and digital coverage of your business.

In short, no two online businesses are the same, there are so many factors that must be taken into account, but that’s where our many years experience comes into play when combined with a razor sharp intellect you can be sure you will get best bang for your back with SEO leaders technical SEO.



The cost of an SEO project is usually dependant on the scope and size of the proposed project. SEO Leaders is transparent with our pricing as we know we are competitive among good SEO agency rates and the fact that we have some of the best tech talent with us makes it a no brainer for most businesses who want to generate a big return on investment.

Our rates are £70 per hour, the minimum monthly amount of work monthly we will contract for one client is 10 hours per month, and the minimum contract length with us is a 6 month period for most business types however we have a 3 month option for local businesses who just require a solid digital presence in a reasonable time frame. We always advise

£70 represents a unit of our time, A senior technical SEO consultant with 20 years’ experience and more degrees than Bill Gates is £180 per hour, a high quality content writer is £40 per hour, a web designer or web programmer £50 ph so £70 represents an average figure of the cost per hour.

This unit of time can be used in any capacity in relation to your campaign from a consultant working on a strategy and direction to a content writer sculpting a few articles for your campaign or the web development team making on page SEO changes as part of your SEO campaign.


Clients buy our time in monthly blocks of 10,20,40,40 hours and so on. The reason we have a minimum 6 monthly contract is primarily because SEO is not a fast process. It would be unrealistic for us to promise you massive ranking results in 1 or 2 months, and a 6 month period will mean that your investment is starting to pay off in terms of ranking results and financial returns and everybody is happy. We also put significant time into projects at the start getting everything setup and systems in place, keyword research, roadmaps etc and this is a factor in the 6 month signup. If you choose to go for the minimum hours of 10 hours per month, then that would be 60 hours of SEO and Digital Marketing over a 6 month period.


We log time spent against tasks undertaken. We log only the precise amount of work done on a project and stop the clock when we stop working on it. We email a summary of this at the end of each month. Depending on the project size we provide interim reports and have client meetings as work progresses. We are a results oriented SEO agency and will go the extra mile to get them.


SEO SHEFFIELD - But not only Sheffield!



We are a top SEO Agency who are based in Sheffield and provide SEO services in Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, London and the rest of the UK.

We also work with international clients when required as our craft basically means we can effectively work remotely a lot of the time, do conference calls, and face to face meetings when needed, negating any distance between us and you.




SEO News

SEO News – Trends to watch in 2018:

Voice search and digital assistants 

Voice search technology is a big potential game changer in the way we communicate with and process information. There has been a big rise in digital assistants and this has helped the market develop and grow. According to Google, 20% all of current search queries are made using voice queries.

SEO Leaders are a top tier Search agency and to keep things that we do massive amounts of in house testing and development works. One of the current areas we are working on is Voice Search and we believe it will be huge.

As the technology within digital assistants improves, mobiles will be prevalent in voice search technologies as people want fast answers to their questions and queries.

Smart Home technology will only accelerate the adoption of voice search with smooth integration into smart home hubs and it will make the user experience more seamless through everyday services. Technically, someone could make a voice search query while driving and get the answers to their questions on the move. Not that we would advocate Search and Drive though!


Link building will remain a strong factor in search in 2018, after all it is the foundation and corner stone of Googles algorithms, but the strategy to build quality links will be even more important, with poor quality or spammy links being either almost worthless, or more likely detrimental to your website. The concept of becoming an authority in your chosen niche will be ever present, and this will incorporate links from relevant sites in your niche. Link building always has been a long term process and must remain an on-going activity for your business through 2018. See our LINK BUILDING services here.



User experience in SEO is going to be even more vital in 2018. Google as has emphasised how it is focused on the user when delivering search results. As a result there are a range of factors to consider to deliver a nice UX (user experience) for visitors.

A good UX means lower bounce rate (users departing quickly) which google accounts for in its rankings for a site, an additional factor is genuine traffic to a website actually improves rankings over time. Site speed is an important factor, readability and navigation structure also need to be examined to see how they can be improved.

Focusing on your users browsing habits is a key metric, this aids in giving the user what they are wanting.

Featured snippets and Quick Answers 

rich snippets

Featured snippets have become very competitive amongst companies who want to appear in position ZERO on page one of the search results. In order to gain a featured snippet requires focusing on a combination of specific factors, which has expanded SEO past the traditional batlle for the top few places in Google.

Stone Temple Consulting state that nearly 30% of the Google search queries tested show featured snippets. This will ensure that strategies from the top seo agencies should factor in optimising a websites content to meet Googles criteria for achieving a rich snippet. This will be a big win for any sites who land this golden egg of organic SEO!

Tables, Lists and graphs are the most usual snippets, though it can be very good to create content in a Q and A format which makes it much easier for Google to extract the content and then display it as a featured snippet.

Mobile-first index

As mentioned already, Mobile Search is going to be even bigger in 2018, and we believe will continue to grow in importance, in parallel to the massive advances in smart phone technology and screens. This will be even more the case if Google makes 2018 when it decides to launch its mobile first search index.

Search Engine Land confirms that almost 60% of the searches made today are from mobile devices and keywords rank differently between mobile and desktop! This means that mobile first content is a must in order to be strong in mobile search, and your desktop rankings should follow.  Having a desktop focused site that is not optimised for mobile is a bad strategy even since 2015 but a terrible one moving forwards into 2018.

 Visual Search will be big

Visual search is a powerful way to harness images with search offerings and it can take the UX to the next level.

The internet is getting ever more focused on visuals, who wants to read pages upon pages of text on house design for example, and Bing, Google and Pinterest have already developed awesome visual search engines which cost them millions and millions of dollars to make.

Any SEO strategy for 2018 needs to understand the way users digest visual content and how to go beyond plain text to move with the changing tides of search habits. Powerful visuals make a page much more engaging and as more and more SEO’s realise and embrace this, we will start to see more and more competition and resultantly advances in visual search as a whole.

Machine Learning and AI

Artifical intelligence and machine based learning are game changers. You only have to listen to Elon Musk to see why AI is going to be huge in the coming years. Machine learning can assist the way searches happen, helping users to find relevant results which will ultimately personalise the search experience more.

The coming of age of voice based and digital assistants will further assist the user experience by giving more contextual results to users and predicting what they are searching for.

Google Rankbrain algorithm  is at the forefront of their artificial intelligence drive and the term AIO or artificial intelligence optimisation is starting to be bandied about at some hardcore SEO establishments.

How to improve SEO in 2018

2018 will be an interesting year for the SEO industry. Traditional SEO methods are still for the most part largely valid, but a large number of factors will come into play that means only the most forward thinking SEO’s will be at the head of the pack.

During 2018 we believe the number one organic position will still be valuable, but not the ultimate goal. Instead there are no multiple ways to vastly increase your search traffic and grow your business. The growth of featured snippets,  local SEO, GMB (Google my business), Voice Search, Visual Search can all yield excellent results for your business. Follow the SEO leaders SEO News Blog here to keep up to date with the cutting edge happenings in the world of SEO

Updates April 2018

Google has started a rollout of their mobile first index. What this means in laymans terms is that the mobile responsiveness of your site is ever more crucial. Got a 'new' website from 3 years ago? think your good to go? Doubtful! You may be wise to use our sheffield web design service to give your site a thorough going over. 

The mobile first element of search is typically cloudy as far as information released by Google. Initial concerns were when does Google decide to switch a site to a mobile first indexing focused? Google has said repeatedly that a site will be moved to mobile indexing priority if it is technically ready for it (eg/ ultra modern and well coded, fully responsive) but a few industry leaders, ourselves included suspected that it would be search volume for a sites content niche (or the site itself) that would decide when it was moved to mobile first indexing (something that has also been termed mobile priority indexing) . John Mueller, senior webmaster trends analyst at Google stated recently on Twitter in reply to a question from a well regarded SEO that was asking if MFI would be triggered based on how many queries a site received on mobile v desktop or if it had a high mobile search volume . John Mueller stated "nope." in a useful detailed answer to this question! which has go the SEO industry trying to decipher Googles exact intentions with the MFI.

Our personal thoughts at SEO Leaders are that it could be a combination of the above factors, so MFI will be applied to a website if it meets various criteria. Criteria one being a technically proficient website (no, an 'I built it myself on 123reg' doesn't count here sadly..!) and secondly the search volume on mobile that a site and industry niche gets. Google could even reverse this and look at site niches (eg/ locksmiths would seem to be strong on mobile as most people who are locked out don't have access to their pc) then analyse the top 10 results and re index these based on the algorithms ranking criteria PLUS site technical quality for MFI.

The would result in some sites ranking much higher in mobile than they did in desktop for example, if the desktop site had unknown (to the company) issues in it's website code. We will be watching this area closely and will update our news report as soon as we have analysed our own data, which is a technical SEO agency, is a vital ingredient to our success!



Why should you hire a proper Sheffield SEO Agency?

Why hire a proper Sheffield SEO Agency?

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. Costs may be slightly more for using a proper SEO agency but then, do you really want to trust some guy (or girl) in their bedroom with your digital presence?

Mistakes in SEO can be very costly to a business short and long term, you need to have the assurance of a proper SEO company who are accountable to you, have proven skills and do SEO 24 hours a day 7 days a week (well, we aren't quite that bad but not far off!)

The freelancer in his bedroom professing how good he is at SEO is in all honesty, not an SEO expert, or he would not still be working out of the bedroom in his parents house! Certainly we would only ever advise micro companies or sole traders to even consider a cost first approach to SEO which could lead you to a freelance bedroom operators door and you might get lucky, but then again many do not and there is no way for you to know before risking your livelihood on such schemes, so best avoided or not done at all is our sage advice. Doing nothing is almost better than employing a charlatan who can cause long term damage to your company that could take years to undo, if even possible. For example, if they got your site banned from Google for dubious practices , we can try and unpick the tangled web that has led to the problem , see our Google Penalty Recovery Services, but this is often very time consuming and thus expensive, and it is far easier to do it right from the outset. Forensic SEO is a dark art that we have a lot of experience in, but it is not something you want to have to be doing if you can avoid this. Which you can, by choosing a legitimate agency in the first place.

So, now we have got it clarified that you should only ever trust your SEO campaign to a proper specialist SEO company  like SEO Leaders, you want to know how you can identify these small bedroom operations to stay away from them?

How can I find fake SEO agencies based in Sheffield?

That’s pretty easy. If you are searching for a local search term, for example ‘SEO Sheffield’ which is a popular ‘benchmark’ term among Sheffield SEO agencies, check the results and see what companies have a proper office location for one thing. Click on their ‘contact us’ page on their website (they do have one right?!), or Google maps listing, and see what’s showing.

For example, we have an office in the Electric works in Sheffield’s Digital Campus and this shows in our Google maps listing, but some listings show as private addresses, and have redirected phone lines (they are still local numbers) to their mobile.

Another way to spot a ‘fake’ SEO company in Sheffield is simple as well. Are they actually a proper company or are they just a website who are ‘faking it’ and in actual fact they are a guy in a bedroom setup?

Rankings - Ok, so they may have showed well in the local search results? interesting, do they use an exact match domain or other spammy practices? how do they fare in the national SEO keyword results? Invisible? yes, thought so! Do not be fooled and make sure to do your due diligence on the bigger picture.

Do they have a limited company with proper insurances, staff, and premises or are they actually ‘Toms website’ based from his mums spare room?

Very often the latter is true and the low prices these sole traders are offering are another sign that they have no overheads (liability insurance anyone?) and no idea! Don’t risk your business with a bedroom dweller! Use only a proper agency like Sheffield organic SEO specialists SEO Leaders, or another large agency like SEO Works who are also based in Sheffield.

Another factor to consider when selecting an SEO agency is the age and experience of the consultants.

Youth has many benefits , business and technical experience isn’t one of them. For instance, some solo tech hobo is working from his bedroom selling SEO services, yet he has never actually had a job with a proper business since leaving university? How on earth can someone act as a business adviser with zero real world experience? Precisely, they can’t , which is why our extensive eCommerce SEO experience and technical SEO services are based on over 25 years’ experience with the internet (right from it’s inception) when some supposed ‘SEO experts’ are not even that old themselves! 

No contract SEO services?

Another bedroom dwellers favourite offering! In principle pay as you go SEO is fine and can work for small businesses but even mobile phone contracts are minimum 12 months usually, so a 6 month sign up for professional SEO services gives time for ROI to be proven and allows a trust to be developed between the two parties. We work hard for our clients and know we will deliver, 6 months is a reasonable time frame to generate results based on that.

We offer bought hourly packages of SEO starting from 10 hours per month for our national SEO packages and from as little as £299 per month for our flaming hot local search bronze  package!

No google ranking


This would mainly include onsite technical SEO work, and other backbone works however and depends on your business and website size and if a new site needs developing as we are also very experienced web developers in Sheffield.

For Link building and content writing however, there is no racing along, hence why we say a 6 month period and then we are so confident you will never leave us that it’s done on a rolling monthly basis from then onward. To race things like white hat link building and quality content promotion, is a bad idea on many levels.





So now I have found a proper SEO agency in Sheffield, what should I do?


That’s simple. Just drop us a line or use this form for a free SEO Audit


What are the risks of going cheap and using a freelancer for your SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation has come a long way in the last 5 years, never mind the last ten years. With the opportunities the internet offers, there are conversely more ways to stray from the tracks and end up with a penalised website and a whole heap of problems. 

Accountability - a freelancer is likely to be bedroom based, and can 'close up shop' as fast as they opened.

Resources - by the nature of a freelancer, their resources will be minimal meaning far less knowledge and collective brain power to call on

Complex - SEO Campaigns can become complex, really quickly, with multi faceted approaches and multiple streams of work happening in different areas. This simply cannot be accomplished effectively by a freelancer unless it is a very simple local business campaign.

Financial Resources - With a proper SEO agency, they are running numerous paid services both for statistics, analysis and marketing that are simply not likely to be available to a freelancer, certainly not in the scope that a successful agency will have.

Copied software - Yes, you better believe it. A freelancers favourite trick is using unlicensed software in website builds then charging the customer for it so they make more money. No license = Illegal software!

No comebacks? - so you are having issues with the freelancer who has disappeared as this sort of project is much harder than they thought and they seem to have disappeared with your money. An agency is a proper entity that lives and breathes this sort of project. 


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