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How we create your new website

We create beautiful, affordable website tailor-made for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Done well – which we always do – design is capable of accelerating brands, changing perceptions and making communication clear and effective. However it’s not just about creating a stunning design, a great website needs to bring more to the table.

We deliver high quality, SEO optimised website which will give you an edge over the competition. Not all websites are made equal! With our comprehensive SEO knowledge we will use all of our findings and build them into your new website. This gives you a big advantage over many competing websites who have not had this treatment from experienced SEOs which can be the difference from your new website ranking at the top of Google or hanging around the lower pages for eternity!

Website Design Deliverables

Website build checklist

  • Design brief meeting, followed by individual key page and section digital mockups
  • Logical and simple navigation developed from wireframes and sitemap
  • Built in either Wordpress, Opencart, Woocommerce, or Custom code depending on requirements.
  • ‘Ready to Rank’ built with SEO best practice and inbuilt rankability for Google.
  • Keywords and suitable content planned and built into site SEO and pages.
  • Suitable hosting provision and SSL security certificate as required. GDPR Compliant site.
  • Designed and tested as fully responsive on a wide range of devices and different browsers.
  • Built on a development server, fully tested and go-live readiness agreed with you before implementation
  • Go live plan includes a full SEO url rewrite .htaccess if required to ensure you do not lose any rankings on old or legacy pages.


We Build Websites That RANK well in Google! Forget The Rest Speak To The Best!

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Fully Responsive Cutting Edge Websites for a GREAT Price!

We are a specialist web design and ecommerce agency. We serve clients in the UK and abroad. SEO Leaders are more of a niche specialist agency than a ‘full service digital agency’ as we stick with our core skills which are web design and development (we are focused on wordpress, opencart, woocommerce but work with shopify and other site builders also), ecommerce marketing, SEO services and google ads.

We provide a friendly and competent website design service and offer great pricing so that you can level up your business without spending unlimited amounts. We will provide a fixed price for your website creation (based on your requirements, website size, complexity etc) and we stick to that price for the planned website.

Our Website Design Process

An established battle tested Digital Agency , Offering Cutting Edge Affordable Website Design and Development

01. Discovery

This is where the web design process begins. Firstly we have some discovery sessions with you, then discuss your requirements and vision for your new site . From there the SEO Leaders team convene and we then discuss with you the solution that will work best for you , your target audience and your business and website goals.

02. Wireframe

Before starting a website project, our web designers UK will undertake the task of building technical wireframes This is effectively the same as blueprints for a house build project. During the wireframe process we will assess the technical and layout aspects and make certain that everything is correct.

03. Website Design and Development

Once you have confirmed your website project with us, our talented designers will start putting your ideas into a reality! Using cutting edge industry leading software and their design skills they will build something that not only looks great but functions flawlessly too.

04. Beta Site Build

Once the design layout has been improved, our website design will build out a beta version of your new website. You will be able to browse through your early version new website and see just how everything looks and works.

05. Functionality Testing

Beta testing is a crucial part of any website development.  Our web design team will ensure any bugs are identified and fixed now. Our testing team will test the website on different browsers and a wide range of devices (eg Pc, tablet, mobile, surface pro etc) to ensure it works as intended.

06. Training

Once your new website is complete we will come to your office to demonstrate the operation and management of your new website (be it a CMS, bespoke site or ecommerce site). We will train you in all of the basic functions you need if you plan to perform maintenance on the website yourself .

07. Pre Launch Plan

At this stage we will go over the entire website and it’s functionality again and check that everything is working correctly. We will do a full SEO check and ensure it meets our ‘Ready to Rank‘ criteria and we will also ensure that our migration map from old site to new is coded and ready to go.

08. Site Launch

We are now at go live day! We will pre arrange a date with you for the go live event. At this time our developers will deploy your new website from our development server to the live server and you are fully up and running with your new website.

09. Monitor and Maintain

Once your site is live , our work may be done if you are planning to maintain and update the website in house. If not, we offer web hosting, web maintenance and SEO packages if you require them.

Call Us Now to Discuss Your New Website!

Our WEBSITE DESIGN team are waiting to discuss your project.

From our own templated, CMS built commercial website designs, to custom sites, through to Opencart or Woocommerce eCommerce sites we can add to your brands value with our web design skills.

Web Design FAQ

Web Design features in everything that you see on the internet. Web Design is basically the function that combines the UI (user interface) graphic design, content writing and UX (user experience). Whenever you land on a new webpage, all the items on that page will (or should!) have been carefully considered, planned and designed to offer the best experience possible. A visually appealing website that is easy to navigate, will retain users for much longer than a website that looks poor and is hard to use. Likewise, the actual content on the website is also very important, as that is the core value that the user is seeking from the website. A good web design builds a strong brand experience (this starts at your logo and page design) and it will subtly navigate you through its pages to complete an end goal, without you realising it. A good layout, strong visuals and excellent content should provide a great user experience which will give a low bounce rate, good CTR and resultantly help build traffic to your site over time. SEO Leaders can build your website to tick all of these boxes, so feel free to book a free call to see how we can help you.

Any quote for quality web design should begin with discussions between agency and client. Pricing for even a simple website design would have to be calculated based on an appealing design and the need to stand above your competitors.

We have worked with a wide variety of businesses so we fully understand the best UX factors. The cost to build and design a new website depends on the requirements and complexity of the site but a simple brochure website that takes us a few weeks would be around £3500-£5000 whereas a large ecommerce site with a wide product range and possibly customised functionality would require a custom quotation. For an accurate cost estimate this depends totally on what type of design and functionality you want to include in the website or ecommerce site.

There is a variety of web design agencies out there and it can be very tricky to know who to choose and trust with the design and build of your website. For many people this decision can be simplified by picking the cheapest quote!

It is possible that the best web design agency for you may be the cheapest one, but this is not often the case. It is very important that they have the experience and knowledge to understand precisely what you need and that they have the technical ability to build a unique website for your business that has the functionality you need to convert visitors to customers (because that’s the point when all is said and done!). Another key problem that we see in many cheap websites is that they have absolutely no built in technical SEO factors and often score very badly against Google (and other) website quality testing; not a good thing at all for growing a business.

Always talk to your agency before accepting their quote. Conduct some due diligence on them; do they have good reviews? proven history? listen out for the sort of words they use when talking about your project; are they just slinging a clunky site together or building something to grow your business or brand?

If you are undecided drop us a line and save yourself the hassle and risk of choosing an agency; every site we build is focused on making you more money, bringing you new customers and helping your existing customers (and any website visitors) out.

The majority of our client sites are built in Wordpress (CMS for brochure sites, business sites and more) and Opencart or Woocommerce (ecommerce websites). This is for two reasons, the first being that we are experts in these platforms and have a lot of experience with them; the second being because they are the best off the shelf platforms to start with and keep website development costs down for the customer.

We still develop custom systems when required, but using wordpress or one of our ecommerce packages allows us to spend more time working on what makes the difference to you and your brand:, the website design and UX.  We create custom designs, unique to your brand and its objectives, and then apply them on the selected platform. The benefit to using frameworks with high adoption and a massive userbase are regular security patches, infinite customisability and not having to update ageing legacy code when a custom site is a few years old.

Web development is not really a standalone cost because it is used within the website design process to create your website. But a quality brochure site that takes us a few weeks would cost from £3500-£5000+ . Ecommerce sites are custom quotes because they depend on if you need a site migrating, how many products you have, what functionality the site needs and so on. A starting cost for a basic turnkey ecommerce site would be £5000.

The cost of an e-commerce website design and development depends entirely on the project. Whether you’re selling a small range of 10 drill bits or a range of 10,000 different building products, an e-commerce website requires a strong knowledge of website design, website development, technical SEO and ecommerce . Many people shop from their mobiles so the added challenge of making an ecommerce site responsive on all devices and browsers while maintaining the UX functionality and site speed has to be understood.

We build sites in Opencart and Woocommerce because these are two robust packages that are very SEO friendly with some tuning, and we have experienced developers who can do anything with the platforms. As to cost, with a small product range (<10 items) a starting cost would be £5000. Costs depend totally on if quality product images are supplied, unique product description texts, unique web page content for all site pages etc.
We typically create payment gateways for Stripe and Paypal on our ecommerce sites as these cover most requirements, though we have built for Alipay, Wechat and many more.

Usability in web design terms is enabling a human user to complete a goal on the website with minimal difficulty.  It’s not always perfect in a first version of a website, as its success is based on user testing and adapting to constantly improve the user’s experience. Our website designers envisage the likely user and build suitable wireframes and structure and functions right through to the final website. During the design and development of a website we will be studying the accessibility of the site, a good structure, fast loading times and mobile responsiveness. We will also design with simplicity and ease of use, and also consistency using familiar design elements and clear information architecture. Good usability requires thorough research and testing to be sure it is truly relevant to your target audience.

Google now puts mobile search first and indexes your website based on it’s mobile experience! As a result we pay huge attention to how your site looks and performs on all mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Mobile first indexing means that if your site is image heavy or poorly optimised it will score poorly in Googles mobile search tests which is not good for business.
Our processes for optimising the mobile experience and responsiveness depend on the website but particular attention is paid to navigation and adaptation to different screen sizes (computer, phone, and tablet). Regardless of the device you use, the site will always be well optimised and readable. Other factors are code quality, image sizes, time to paint (time to a fully loaded viewport) and many other criteria.

Knowing when to update your website depends on the reason behind doing so. You may need to add some features or change the design or refresh the entire website. Depending on what framework or type of website you have will play a part in the answer. Generally CMS based sites like wordpress , joomla or similar need regular updates , the nature of a a heavily used framework means (certainly for wordpress) there are a lot of security patches and version updates over time. This goes for ecommerce sites built on popular frameworks too, but Opencart is a good one for being secure and not needing updating too often.
If your website is a custom or flat site (not engine driven but static code) it may be very out of date. For some flat sites, they are quite secure as there is little to them behind the scenes (they are not database driven basically) but as to remaining responsive and up to date with Googles algorithm requirements, that will not be the case over time. As for custom sites, they can be ignored for years and not updated at all, which gives the term ‘legacy code’ meaning something that is written in old format.
We would advise updating a website monthly, and really you should be adding new content at regular intervals.
Another factor is hosting, you cant have a secure website on an insecure server. This factor depends on if you have a self managed server (vps or cloud instance etc) then it needs maintenance but if you are on shared hosting, then technically it should be patched and updated with a good hosting company but very often is not with cheap hosts due to the work involved.


ALL Websites built under our 'Built to Rank' principles.

SEO Leaders elite team use our knowledge of Google in all websites we build.

What do we mean by this?

It has to be said that a ‘new website’ from SEO Leaders is clearly ahead of the pack (in our esteemed opinion!) in terms of the built in potential to rank highly (or rank even better if you already rank well) in Google. We work on many websites built by other companies when new clients come to us for technical SEO work or website upgrades and there is a litany of possible errors a web agency can make with your company website. Rest assured that SEO Leaders make none of them! You can be confident your new website project is in safe hands if you choose the SEO Leaders because its all we do, SEO and related services like Google Ads, and Website Design and Development. We don’t offer social media ads, so no Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram here!. We are specialists in Google, ranking highly in Google, and building amazing websites and ecommerce sites that will rank well in Google!

Fully Responsive Websites

According to recent Google search statistics, nearly 65% of all Online Searches are now carried out on a mobile device (mobile or tablet), with some sectors (Food and Beverage) reaching above 70%.
In fact Google now puts mobile search first and indexes your website based on it’s mobile experience! As a result we pay huge attention to how your site looks and performs on all mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Mobile first indexing means that if your site is image heavy or poorly optimised it will score poorly in Googles mobile search tests which is not good for business.
Our processes for optimising the mobile experience and responsiveness depend on the website but particular attention is paid to navigation and adaptation to different screen sizes (computer, phone, and tablet). Regardless of the device you use, the site will always be well optimised and readable. Other factors are code quality, image sizes, time to paint (time to a fully loaded viewport) and many other criteria.

It's Time To Level Up Your Website!

SEO Leaders can build your new website , futureproofed and with the best SEO a site can get! Call us now to discuss your project!

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