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Opencart Developers

We are Specialist Opencart Developers

We are specialist Opencart Developers and Ecommerce SEO experts. Opencart is our preferred ecommerce framework due to it’s security, efficiency, scalability and customisability. We have been working with Opencart for over 10 years.  We can also provide custom modules for functionality you may require on your new ecommerce website. We offer a full range of services around the Opencart framework including:

  • Full Opencart Website Builds
  • Opencart Template Setup and Customisation
  • Opencart Custom Theme Design
  • Opencart Support Services
  • Opencart SEO Services
  • Opencart Custom Modules
  • Opencart Upgrades

Our Opencart Services

We are specialist Opencart Developers with over 10 years experience in Opencart Development

Opencart Full Builds

We can build your ecommerce site ‘ready to rank’ in Google with all the SEO features you will need built in. We have built a wide variety of Opencart sites and are specialist Opencart Developers. Opencart is our ecommerce framework of choice and we have over 10 years of experience building and developing with it.

Opencart Templates

If you are looking for an affordable , feature rich theme template solution, as leading Opencart Developers we use the Journal Framework and can build this into your branded company look (we agree your design & layout beforehand!). We are authorised Journal developers and this framework will give you a massive amount of features for your Opencart website once completed.

Opencart Theme Design

For the ultimate in customised Opencart sites we can build you a custom Opencart theme from scratch. This is a more lightweight option than using the Journal theme framework but also more time consuming. Many sites opt for us to use the Journal framework due to the value for money and large amount of free addons it provides for the look and usability of your Opencart site.

Opencart Support

Have you got problems with your Opencart website? bugs? problems with modules or responsiveness on mobile? Maybe you want some extensions installing or customising/fixing? Our Opencart Support service can tackle any problem or upgrade you have/require on an Opencart website. We can do Opencart upgrades, using a staging site so your live site is only off for a short time when going live.

Opencart SEO Experts

We have been developing with Opencart for well over 10 years. Do you want a Multilanguage Opencart site? Need your Opencart SEO levelling up? or maybe you need us to move hosting or setup a dedicated server for you (we are Unix boffins as well). Opencart is our core speciality so drop us a contact us request for help with anything Opencart or SEO.

Opencart Custom Modules

We have developed over 50 custom opencart modules for clients, from digital product license upgrade modules, to Alipay and wechat payment gateway modules. We can provide a quote for any module you require that can be built for your Opencart store. Please use the contact us button below.

Call Us Now to Talk about your Opencart Requirements

Our Opencart Developers are ready to handle any project you have with Opencart. Just use the contact button to contact us!

Opencart FAQ

As specialist Opencart developers who also offer Woocommerce services (these are the only two ecommerce platforms we develop with) we feel we have a very valid answer to this question. Simple put Opencart is designed from the ground up to be an ecommerce platform only, and woocommerce is a plugin for the venerable Wordpress system. The two platforms serve different purposes well. Opencart has a better admin backend and is solely focused on selling online, but it is limited visually out of the box compared to woocommerce and also is more technically demanding to setup. Opencart is also not as good for article posting as wordpress. The flipside, Woocommerce does the job, but is a bit more clunky to deal with in the admin side. It has more theme options and is easier to make look very pretty, however it also can take more maintenance because Wordpress has updates frequently which can often mean a site backup and test to see if anything is affected by plugin or core updates. We would advise Opencart for larger or potentially larger stores, woocommerce for magazine or info style sites that want a shop element. Both platforms have great SEO potential.

Opencart is a great solution to your ecommerce needs. Once it is setup and working, it is nice and easy to operate as a business owner and it is a very reliable and stable platform. Other options for the novice store owner are Shopify which is easier to manage but has lots of limitations. We have done a significant number of migrations for people from Shopify, to a full Opencart store where they have full control.

Opencart is easy to use for the store owner yes.  It  is free to use, has a solid open source code base, and offers a secure and reliable solution for your ecommerce site. It is also very scaleable and with the right server setup can handle huge amount of products and traffic.

Shopify is ahead in terms of simplicity for user setup, but as commercial prospect Opencare is light years ahead of Shopify. OpenCart is more complicated to set up and maintain because you need some server and code knowledge, also it requires updates on occasion whereas Shopify is set and forget. The flipside to this is Shopify costs significantly each month, is never your platform (your always just renting a room) and has a lot of limitations to it that disadvantages it to Opencart. For one thing Opencart SEO potential is far better than Shopify.

Though SEO relies on keywords and OpenCart SEO has some basic but vital things for SEO, for example creating Meta Titles, ​​Meta Description or Meta Tag Keywords, you have to add an affordable plugin like GeekoDevs complete seo pack for ultimate SEO power.
Once you have got an extension like this installed, the world is your oyster and Opencart when built and setup professionally can rank at the top of Google for big keywords as we have done for many clients.

Yes it is when using the default theme. The issues can arise when using an aftermarket theme and you may need an Opencart Developer like us to help fix issues with the mobile and tablet version of your site in that case. If the theme is very popular like Journal 3 it is fully responsive but will still need setting up for your site.

This depends on the size of your site, the type of products (for example one site we built has over 3Tb of digital product files stored on the server) unlimited data transfer,  SSL certificate to secure your online store, suitable support (we offer a live support service), caching and not to mention the required server specifications. We would advise as a rule to use VPS cpanel hosting for small to medium sites (with suitable memory, ssd storage and processors). For bigger sites that have lots of products and visitors, you will need something like a Linode dedicated server or cloud hosting like Amazon EC3. SEO Leaders can setup and provide VPS or dedicated server hosting.

In our experience Opencart is very secure indeed. It is an Open source platform and has a solid code base that does not require weekly security patches like Wordpress/Woocommerce. In all of the time we have worked with Opencart sites, the only hacked sites we have encountered have been due to the owners installing an insecure aftermarket plugin to the site (once, the actual plugin had a backdoor!). For this reason it is wise to use a professional Opencart Developer like SEO Leaders who can ensure your site is locked down as securely as possible.

Opencart Sites built by Industry Leaders

SEO Leaders Opencart Developers have over 10 years full time Opencart experience!

Because we are a leading SEO and Ecommerce agency, we combine both of these skill sets in every Opencart project to ensure you get maximum value from your new website. It will be built to meet all Google best practices and ‘ready to rank’ well in Google. We can also offer powerful SEO packages to compliment your new or existing Opencart website. More visitors = more sales!

Contact Us to discuss your Opencart website or Opencart requirements

In our free call review, you can speak to an Opencart Expert who will discuss your project and how we can help

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