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Promote your business in online publications with our digital PR service. Through cunning content angles, a list of publications targeted for your business and some serious bespoke outreach, we’ll have the right people looking at your business and some big hitting media outlets backlinking to your website.

Digital PR Results You Can Measure

Digital PR is amazing for businesses. It gets them seen by the right people and these people are usually the right people who will buy or use the service.

But digital PR takes time and skill to do. From the initial brainstorming of ideas and then the building of a story or angle that’s going to cause interest and get a business to be seen and talked about. Then there is the fleshing out of the story itself, the background research to the story, the graphics that need to be perfectly in sync and copywriting that’s so fascinating and well written that every journalist wants to share it around.

The results can be absolutely massive. You could feature in The Guardian, The Sun, and The Daily Mail all in one day. But, of course, it’s not by chance that businesses get lucky with those feature articles. They are the result of very thorough planning and precise execution.

Does your business need to be a world changing and exciting innovation to potentially get press coverage? Not the case at all. An SEO Leaders Digital PR campaign can make even the most “boring” industries interesting for the right readers and journalists.

Digital PR FAQ

Digital PR is a type of digital marketing that promotes companies and brands by having content that features them published by influencers, bloggers or journalists.

Who needs Digital PR then?

If your business is not very well known, you need to harness the power of digital PR.
If your business is a startup or recently formed company and you have big things to say or share, you need digital PR.
If your business needs to increase its market share, you need digital PR.
If your business needs to grow your top and bottom lines, you need digital PR.
If you are struggling because of current economic issues, you need digital PR.

The SEO Leaders digital PR service gets your brand or business in front of your target audience in a big way. We primarily focus on the websites that they frequent most, however we don’t just publish some semi undercover advertorial that shouts ‘this brand paid for this article’.

So, how can we make certain that you are seen in a way that means your audience are likely to engage fully?

Digital PR is often built on stories (as well as other methods like research, user data, discoveries etc). Nobody likes to read a sales pitch from a company and very few people will engage from that and then buy from you. Instead, people are engaged by useful information and research and stories.

An article in the Mirror may well be titled “the best places for a staycation in Wales” but the true purpose of the article is advertising the latest deals from a travel agency. There is indeed a story, but its not the content of the page but is one that the reader builds themselves in their head.

They dream about the wild mountains and choppy seas on the welsh coast. They picture that quaint little cottage with a sea view and imagine how peaceful it will be. They visualise themselves going to Snowdonia National park and taking a long walk with a picnic and pint at the end.

The nest thing about the travel agency commissioning the article is it is about them, and not a competitor, it also happens to link to their website and best current deals where the customer can bring to life the dreams that they just read about.

An article on a gardening website may talk about “how to identify different types of plants” but in fact its actually an advert for a recently launched gardeners app. The story of the article is not actually how to identify deifferent plants, as clearly that is a book in itself, but how to identify any plants using the new XYZ gardening app. It’s the picture of a wealth of instant knowledge that an amateur gardener can posess instantly which is the ending of the story.
The big benefit to the featured company (or the article sponsor) is that it is their target audience (the readers) who are searching for how to identify plants, that are going to be highly likely to downlad the app discussed in the article.

As time moves on consumers are ever more desensitised to traditional advertising and the SEO Leaders digital PR service is a far more effective way to build your brand or businessm, far faster than more archaic traditional advertising mediums.

Digital PR is not an instant fix for increasing leads, site traffic or sales.

We will usually get coverage within 4-6 weeks of starting your digital PR campaign, but you should anticipate seeing positive results with the first 6 months of your digital pr commencing. These results will compound continuously as time progresses, with the real solid results usually taking effect after 12 months.

Digital PR campaigns are a long term activity that can greatly increase a companies reach and market share. These two keystones of business growth do not happen overnight.

If you need to see more rapid traffic and conversion increases, we would suggest other channels like our google ads services instead.

Traditional PR has a main focus on channels such as the general press and niche printed publications (and in some cases tv and radio). Digital PR however has a wide range of other channels available. These include websites, blogs, social media, influencers and influencer outlets (eg social channels), online news and also video portals.

There are multiple ways that Digital PR can benefit a business:

Improved search engine rankings. Google was founded as a hypertextual search engine. Backlinks are a vital algorithm component as to how and where websites appear in search engine results pages. Generally speaking, the more relevant and authoritative the links, the better the website will rank. Digital PR helps secure backlinks at scale and often from very powerful websites (eg The Mirror)

Organic website traffic growth. The main premise of public relations is to secure editorial coverage of a company. This editorial coverage increases intersest and referrals to the website and resultantly helps to increase website traffic.

Brand building. An established and reputable third-party platform can help introduce a company to a totally new but very relevant audience. Digital PR builds brand by increasing the online mentions of a business or brand but in telling a story and building visitor engagement this naturally increases brand recognition and searches.

Lead Generation. When your position in Google inproves and direct website traffic also increases, your leads will naturally increase as well. Digital PR increases organic search traffic and referral traffic through SEO.

Increase sales. Digital PR is great for increasing the trust of a brand. When a consumer actually trusts a brand, they are more likely to buy from that brand. Being featured in indsutry and national publications is a fantastic way to boost your industry authority.

Digital PR is a very powerful tool that works best for companies or brands that can give rapid approval for their content. This enables our Content Marketing team to pitch, write and then place stories while the topics are still hot and trending and the jrelevant journalists on our database are engaged and interested in the topic.

Digital PR  campaigns can be turbocharged by combining them with other related services. The best digital marketing campaigns are integrated like our hybrid seo and ppc campaigns, with multiple services working together to amplify the results that would be gained by one of the services on it’s own.
Digital PR blends very well with SEO work, as the links and placements produce help to provide powerful offsite SEO benefits. In addition, services like Influencer Marketing and Social Media Advertising make powerful combinations as the content that is created can be shared on multiple platforms, amplifying the ROI and impact of each activity.

Digital PR is digital press relations. It’s press relations for the internet.
Unlike traditional PR, which can be colosally expensive and hard to measure, Digital PR is relatively affordable for a lot of businesses and brands.

Traditional PR agencies work with large media organisations, including print media companies like THe Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror.

Digital PR agencies, like SEO Leaders, work with tens of thousands of different websites on the internet including the websites of the big printed media organisations, for example The Guardian , The Sun etc. Because we work with such a wide range of websites and journalists, we have a giant database of relevant contacts that we will use to find the perfect website and angle for your business, regardless of your product or industry.

Each Digital PR campaign is tailored to your businesses requirements and the results required, but costs are much less than the cost of using traditional PR Agency methods.  Please use the Quote Me button to get your digital pr campaign price.

A digital strategy outlines how a company will improve in multiple areas, including but not limited to SERPs (search engine ranking positions), Organic Traffic, Direct Traffic, Paid Ad plans, Website Developments and more. Typically, this strategy includes ideas on increasing brand mentions and securing high quality external links, which are the cornerstone of any website growth plans. In addition, strategy planning will include a full SEO audit, a backlink analysis, and the a formal project plan with the assignment of tasks to suitably skilled digital marketers.

The main cornerstones of a Digital PR strategy are as follows:

Target anchor text. Anchor text is the word or words that link from the article hosts website to the relevant page on your website. Target anchor text is how you want to be linked to from another website. For example, ‘best double glazing’ would be a better term for a story around double glazing than ‘windows’ or ‘click here’.

Target urls. Target urls are the pages on your website that you will be promoting within your strategy. These are the web pages you would ideally like to drive more traffic to through organic search or direct clicks.

Landing page design. This focuses on the pages you are planning on sending all the traffic and links to. CRO is a thing! (Conversion rate optimisation) and we assess your landing pages and make recommendations on changes or additions. We also build pages from scratch if required.

Media contact list. The journalists, bloggers and influencers we will be pitching to.

Content ideas. Article topics that will be received favorably and potentially used by external websites and journalists.

Pitch. What angle, tone and wording will we use in a pitch to our lists of chosen journalists, websites and influencers.

  • Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics measures website traffic. This includes increases in referral traffic and organic search traffic. It shows the sources in Traffic acquisition in GA 4.
  • Google Search Console. Google Search Console measures digital marketing KPIs. Clicks, impressions, and positions for specific keywords and urls are in Search Console. Search Console additionally records “brand name” searches. An increase in brand name searches is an indicator that a campaign is going well however Search Console is not always totally accurate or up to date so is not a defacto source.
  • Domain Rating. Domain Rating is a metric that shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile. This metric measures whether new backlinks have been secured. Ahrefs or MOZ are examples of cloud services that provide this data, with Ahrefs being our preferred provider of search data. The data does have significant lag however as it relies on Ahrefs crawlers picking the links up.
  • Manual Research. Manual research by a skilled SEO is often a great way to see who is sharing what, what backlinks have been added and lots of other great metric data.
  • Social Media Shares & Followers. Social media shares will clearly show how many people found value in your digital PR, depending on the target audience and PR type. new social Followers show how many people engaged with your brand as a result but this also highlights how it is important to maintain high quality and very current social media profiles across the main relevant platforms for your business.
  • Leads & Sales. The primary measurement of a campaign’s success is new leads and sales. How many leads were generated over time in addition to normal demand, and what was the conversion rate of those leads like? (into a sale). A high conversion rate would suggest a high quality targetting of the PR campaign audience as it means they were all highly relevant potential long term customers.

How we do Digital PR

We can get consistent and measurable results because we have very strong relationships with top tier publishers, built up over time by offering them stories to engage and interest their audiences. We get your business noticed by creating a bespoke digital PR strategy that focuses on what your particular audience wants to see.

Blogger Outreach

The SEO Leaders Digital PR Team has a gigantic contact black book of freelance and mainstream media journalists where we can secure features or brand mentions for your business.

Journalist Outreach

The SEO Leaders Digital PR Team has a gigantic contact black book of freelance and mainstream media journalists where we can secure features or brand mentions for your business.

Data Research

Our Digital PR Team will gather interesting  and engaging data — by using research and surveys so we can tell an interesting and informative story that promotes your business while also invoking interest points from your industry statistics. We make the irrelevant relevant.

Digital PR Service

Our press releases and digital PR content specialists help you acquire amazing brand coverage & powerhouse backlinks. We have secured over 500 brand mentions using our contacts combined with this method.

Product Review Outreach

Our Digital PR Team will promote your companies products to the your most relevant audience by securing product reviews and product features with trusted websites in our contacts database.

Influencer Outreach

We will reach out to your target market by working influencers we trust in your business area.

We have a large database of trusted influencers of varying stature that we can work with who will promote your services or products to their followers.

Talk to us about your own Digital PR Campaign!

Our Digital PR Experts are waiting to review your marketing.

We’ll review your digital marketing as it stands and suggest the best digital marketing package to grow your business

What could an SEO Leaders led Digital PR Campaign do for my business?

Better search engine rankings

Digital PR is an extremely effect way to boost your company’s visibility essentially through high quality link building.

After landing high quality white hat links and also driving traffic to your website the benefits to your google rankings can be huge, and long term. Search engines will associate your site with these big authority sources and resultantly recommend it above other sites to people searching for your key search terms.
While we often acquire placements in national publications, we also use more niche campaigns to get our clients into topically relevant, high authority publications. Our evidence suggests this can boost your SERPS (Search engine ranking positions) and SEO greatly as well. Smaller industry focused publications are more likely to link out to your website and they reinforce to Google that you are an authority within your industry.

From there, the process can become self sustaining: the more people that value and know about your brand, the more likely they are to visit your site and purchase your product or services, resulting in high conversion rate and excellent return on investment (ROI).

Boost your online visibility

To be able to increase exposure for a brand, you need as many people as possible to talk about it online. The more people that are aware of your business or products, the more web site visitors and resultantly conversions you will see.

In the same manner, the more times your brand is mentioned in relevant publications, newspapers, and websites, ever more potential customers will be directed to your company instead of going to a competitor. As you are featured on high authority ‘hi-power’ websites, your overall brand reputation will also strengthen in addition to the metrics of your own website going ever upwards thanks to those power links.

Primary Data and Collaboration

Data powers everything we do. We have in-house data analysts who are experts at making numbers into news stories. We create data with studies and experiments as well as collating data with research. When these two sources are amalgamated we aim to create insights that have never been shown before; which is exactly what modern journalists are wanting.

We have an elite team of experts who can build you a cutting edge digital PR campaign. Best of breed specialists who have honed their skills at the forefront of digital and digital PR. The SEO Leaders team work together like a fine swiss watch to ensure you get stunning results from your campaigns, which is impossible for an in house pr team. We also have access to language translators to ensure we can run pinpoint international digital PR campaigns as required.

Internal Page Links

Known throughout the industry as being challenging to acquire, it takes a lot of skill and knowledge (not to mention contacts) to get backlinks to you inner pages like product or category pages. This can be a great benefit to any ecommerce SEO campaign as well as just helping your SEO agency blast your sales through the roof!

SEO Leaders are experienced in this type of digital PR . We always communicate with our clients to be sure that the most important and relevant pages are getting the direct benefit of our digital PR services.

Newsjacking & Reactive Hi-Speed PR Services

We closely monitor breaking stories, trends and journalist requests across our client industries to ensure your brand is being regularly sourced as an expert in your field. From providing comments, to creating extra data to add to the commentary, we find this approach perfect for getting a steady stream of coverage alongside core campaigns.

We monitor breaking stories and trends closely to ensure that your brand is being regularly sourced as an expert in your field. We also monitor journalist requests across client industries and this provides an extra source of potential coverage and powerful links.

We undertake digital PR campaigns from medium to large size and have the staff and resources available to dedicate staff to work on a campaign as and when needed. Combined with our internal processes and procedures we believe we are the Rolex of digital PR machines. We diversify how we get your placements and links, which means more topically relevant placements. Our reactive and focused speed also means we don’t get beaten to the news with our stories.

Book a free phone call to discuss your businesses digital marketing.

Get a free digital consultation call. We will assess your digital assets, and in our free call review, you can speak to our experts who will suggest the best digital marketing or digital PR package to grow your business.

How Your Digital PR Campaign starts

Step 1 — We Review Your Goals

Before we start, we will look at your goals and requirements. An SEO Leaders Digital PR strategy will be very closely aligned with helping you achieve those all important goals.

Step 2 — We Audit your Website and any past Digital PR work

Before we commence a Digital PR campaign we need to know what is working for you already and identify the gaps and any issues.

We’ll review your website and any digital PR work you may have already done. We will see what’s good, bad and what’s working and what’s not working.

If we find any areas that have been really successful for you we will look to build on that success. However we may have some new things to try that your last or current Digital PR agency have not tried yet.

Not every type of Digital PR works for every business, so we never commit to doing any one kind of Digital PR until we are confident it will take you towards your goals rapidly.

Step 3 — We Research Your Competitors and Industry

We want to understand how other businesses in your industry are using Digital PR.

We want to understand your industry, the products or services you sell and your goals for growth.

More precisely, we want to know exactly what is and isn’t working for your competitors.

If they are building links using data outreach, we want to find those links and reverse engineer their strategy.

If they are getting featured in the press, we want to know about it.

If they are using product outreach, we want to see it and analyse it.

By reviewing your competitors PR campaigns, we can analyse the sort of outreach that relevant publishers are open to. We will identify the types of links earned naturally and those that have been gained in other ways. Very often we can identify what content marketing agency the competitor is using as well!

After this research, we will craft a digital PR strategy that will smash your campaign targets.

Step 4 — We Create a New Digital PR Strategy for your Business

We now understand your business goals. We have audited your Digital work to date. We also know whats working for your industry.

Next step; we will create a first draft of your Digital PR strategy.

By this point, we will know the types of content we want to use and the angles and stories that will perform well. Next step, we will create a calendar of work and once done start to methodically work through it.

At this stage the strategy may focus on working purely with journalists or possibly industry bloggers. We may stay within your industry depending on it’s size and scope or work with related industries to reach a larger but still targeted audience.

Now we know the best content angles, we will find the best publishers to publish with.

Step 5 — We Work with BIG Publishers

Amazing content only gets amazing results when it is shown in the right places.

We will spend time researching, finding and agreeing on article placements with publishers that have websites that are frequently visited by your target audience.

These types of publishers can vary from mainstream media sites to more niche personal bloggers. Mainstream media mentions are very valuable, particularly from an search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective. However smaller niche websites are also very useful because they usually have a loyal core readership who repeatedly visit the website and are very engaged.

Step 6 — We Achieve Your Goals

The digital auditing and industry and competitor research is completed.

We have agreed who we will be working with and have started to publish our first pieces of content.

Your SEO Leaders digital PR strategy is now in progress.

Very soon, you will start seeing the results of our teams hard work and your trust in us.

Digital PR campaigns do not deliver 24 hour success but your business will benefit from greatly increased brand awareness, your website will gain more traffic and ever-increasing sales over the months and years ahead.

SEO Leaders will help you to reach your business goals. Then when we do, we will help you create even greater goals and then form a new digital strategy to help you attain them.

As you grow your business, we will scale your digital PR campaign to propel your ambitions.

Book a free phone call to discuss your Digital PR Campaign

Get a free digital consultation call. We will assess your digital assets, and in our free call review, you can speak to our experts who will suggest the best digital marketing or digital PR package to grow your business.

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