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Opencart Full Website Builds

You're in safe hands with expert Opencart Developers!

Do you want a NEW E-commerce website or to re-build your existing OpenCart Website?

We build OpenCart ecommerce websites for existing and new businesses all the time. We generally make use of the additional functionality that the Journal theme brings to OpenCart and overlay your own custom branded design. We also offer custom theme designs to your specification if required.

Responsive Design

As standard, your website will be 100% responsive for all mobile devices eg tablets, mobile phones etc both for improved customer journey and useability and aalso because Google is a mobile first search engine and will only rank your site based on the mobile version.

Built to RANK!

As we are also specialists in SEO and unlike the vast majority of other Opencart Developers out there, your site will be built with best ecommerce SEO practices and with top search engine ranking potential being at the forefront of our minds.

When you use SEO Leaders for your new Opencart Ecommerce site you are getting the combined experience of Top Opencart Developers and Opencart Partners who have written numerous extensions for Opencart , combined with SEO expertise that is leading the way in the SEO Agency space. You will literally be getting a rolls royce ecommerce website in terms of function, looks and Google ranking potential.

Starting from Zero

If you are starting from zero with a brand new ecommerce project, you will be able to add your products easily through the OpenCart admin interface. We can also add additional Export/Import modules that will allow you to easily populate and update your products using an Excel spreadsheet. We can provide training videos on this if required to be provided with your completed ecommerce site. Alternatively you can use our monthly Opencart Management Service and send us what you requre adding to the site or any changes etc and we will get them done!

Upgrading an existing Opencart Site?

We have extensive experience migrating from older Opencart versions to a newer Opencart verions eg 3.9.x or v4.0 and can in most cases migrate your products, customers and sales history form an old OpenCart website to your new website.

Migrating from a different platform to Opencart

We also have a lot of experience in migrating from the following platforms to Opencart:

Platforms A - I

Big Cartel
CRE Loaded
CSV File
CSV File
Custom Cart
Easy Digital Downloads
GoDaddy (GoCentral)
H.H.G. multistore

Platforms J - S

Lightspeed Pos
Loaded 7
Loaded Commerce
Miva Merchant
Miva Merchant 9
modified eCommerce Shopsoftware
Network Solutions
OXID eShop
Pinnacle Cart

Platforms S - Z

Shopify Plus
Shopware Cloud
Spark Pay
Summer Cart
Thirty Bees
WordPress eStore Plugin
WP e-Commerce
Yahoo Store
Zen Cart

We have developed systems and methods to enable the import of key data from other platforms and blend it into the new Opencart database. We always focus on ensuring a smooth transition to a replatforming within Google and the other search engines.

Development Environment

All of our Opencart projects are built in our staging environment. This is viewable by you but not search engines (we dont want it being indexed by Google until it’s ready after all!).
For a site upgrade we would build a replica of your current site and do all the work to it, ensure everything works correctly and then once you were happy after testing it all we would arrange a live transfer date, where we will backup your live site, take it offline briefly and replace it with the new beastly version!

If we are a building a new ecommerce site for you will do it on our staging servers anyway and follow the same process as above.

Standard Functionality and Bespoke Functionality

After discussing your business with you we strive to understand your business fully so that we can build a website with the right functionality for your site users and customers. This could be a standard e-commerce offering or if you need bespoke functionality such as quotation systems or product builders, then we can create wireframes, agree the price and build these into the system for you as well.

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing Tools

We build all our Opencart sites with SEO at the forefront. On the site will be a very powerful SEO module that allows multiple changes should you wish to in the future (not advised!). You could also buy our monthly SEO service if you want to blast your rankings upwards. Please discuss this with us so we can advise the best SEO package for your goals.

We build the website so that you you can also do your own onsite marketing throughout the site using banners and cross-promotional tools. We can offer modules to enable you to run flash sales or black friday sales etc, or maybe you want to discount your entire product range by a %age for a set time? No problem, we will discover this in the initial blueprint discussion.

Call Us Now to Talk about your Opencart Requirements

Our Opencart Developers are ready to handle any project you have with Opencart. Just use the contact button to contact us!

Opencart FAQ

As specialist Opencart developers who also offer Woocommerce services (these are the only two ecommerce platforms we develop with) we feel we have a very valid answer to this question. Simple put Opencart is designed from the ground up to be an ecommerce platform only, and woocommerce is a plugin for the venerable Wordpress system. The two platforms serve different purposes well. Opencart has a better admin backend and is solely focused on selling online, but it is limited visually out of the box compared to woocommerce and also is more technically demanding to setup. Opencart is also not as good for article posting as wordpress. The flipside, Woocommerce does the job, but is a bit more clunky to deal with in the admin side. It has more theme options and is easier to make look very pretty, however it also can take more maintenance because Wordpress has updates frequently which can often mean a site backup and test to see if anything is affected by plugin or core updates. We would advise Opencart for larger or potentially larger stores, woocommerce for magazine or info style sites that want a shop element. Both platforms have great SEO potential.

Opencart is a great solution to your ecommerce needs. Once it is setup and working, it is nice and easy to operate as a business owner and it is a very reliable and stable platform. Other options for the novice store owner are Shopify which is easier to manage but has lots of limitations. We have done a significant number of migrations for people from Shopify, to a full Opencart store where they have full control.

Opencart is easy to use for the store owner yes.  It  is free to use, has a solid open source code base, and offers a secure and reliable solution for your ecommerce site. It is also very scaleable and with the right server setup can handle huge amount of products and traffic.

Shopify is ahead in terms of simplicity for user setup, but as commercial prospect Opencare is light years ahead of Shopify. OpenCart is more complicated to set up and maintain because you need some server and code knowledge, also it requires updates on occasion whereas Shopify is set and forget. The flipside to this is Shopify costs significantly each month, is never your platform (your always just renting a room) and has a lot of limitations to it that disadvantages it to Opencart. For one thing Opencart SEO potential is far better than Shopify.

Though SEO relies on keywords and OpenCart SEO has some basic but vital things for SEO, for example creating Meta Titles, ​​Meta Description or Meta Tag Keywords, you have to add an affordable plugin like GeekoDevs complete seo pack for ultimate SEO power.
Once you have got an extension like this installed, the world is your oyster and Opencart when built and setup professionally can rank at the top of Google for big keywords as we have done for many clients.

Yes it is when using the default theme. The issues can arise when using an aftermarket theme and you may need an Opencart Developer like us to help fix issues with the mobile and tablet version of your site in that case. If the theme is very popular like Journal 3 it is fully responsive but will still need setting up for your site.

This depends on the size of your site, the type of products (for example one site we built has over 3Tb of digital product files stored on the server) unlimited data transfer,  SSL certificate to secure your online store, suitable support (we offer a live support service), caching and not to mention the required server specifications. We would advise as a rule to use VPS cpanel hosting for small to medium sites (with suitable memory, ssd storage and processors). For bigger sites that have lots of products and visitors, you will need something like a Linode dedicated server or cloud hosting like Amazon EC3. SEO Leaders can setup and provide VPS or dedicated server hosting.

In our experience Opencart is very secure indeed. It is an Open source platform and has a solid code base that does not require weekly security patches like Wordpress/Woocommerce. In all of the time we have worked with Opencart sites, the only hacked sites we have encountered have been due to the owners installing an insecure aftermarket plugin to the site (once, the actual plugin had a backdoor!). For this reason it is wise to use a professional Opencart Developer like SEO Leaders who can ensure your site is locked down as securely as possible.

Opencart Sites built by Industry Leaders

SEO Leaders Opencart Developers have over 10 years full time Opencart experience!

Because we are a leading SEO and Ecommerce agency, we combine both of these skill sets in every Opencart project to ensure you get maximum value from your new website. It will be built to meet all Google best practices and ‘ready to rank’ well in Google. We can also offer powerful SEO packages to compliment your new or existing Opencart website. More visitors = more sales!

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