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Spoke to Andy initially at a networking event, from there I realised he had a great deal of experience and came across very well. After some discussion with the other directors we decided that seo leaders could be the way forward for our companies next marketing efforts. We have typically been up to speed on our website over the recent years (or so we thought) but we realised that in fact things have moved on a lot from where we were at and we needed specialists to get involved. Our main business is as a large scale importer of furniture from India, our buyers are usually wholesalers and trade buyers. However our ecommerce site was not getting us much in the way of sales or leads and after the pro’s looked it over it was found wanting in many areas. Cue several months hard work and our new revamped, content rich site was up and running. We then began 40+ hours a month of professional Seo services which included a huge range of stuff. We have been running with this for 6 months now and are exceptionally impressed with the results we have seen and are continuing to see. Top quality services. Thinking of further increasing our efforts to target customers abroad so we are looking at the options of foreign language options for our ecommerce site etc

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