Java continues to dominate a lot of enterprise applications and systems. As it stands now in 2020  , almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies utilise Java and they actually have no plans to change this.

Java offers the use of a wide variety of superb libraries which basically addressed almost any problem that could appear during the enterprise software development procedures. Java is very easy to run in a very wide different array of platforms and is a very highly scalable solution that will process huge amounts of data efficiently (although not as fast as some other languages). An example of this would be the company Twitter which was initially developed as a Ruby on rails application and then was ported to Java for the main reason that it scales very well and handles the searching for content with hashtags (live data requests in) very successfully.

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Another example of Java’s usefulness would be from the company Square and their credit card application which is built with a variety of different languages which include C++ and Ruby.

The mighty Google is a very Java oriented company and resulted in the very famous Oracle and Google lawsuit. It’s got Java’s native approach that can assist in making a top-flight application and will ensure good performance. Some Google experts say that Google may switch to GO language which is very simple and quite safe or even a newer language called Dart which is ideal for use in the cloud. Rewriting android from its current Java SDK environment would be an epic task and may not happen any time soon though!

Java developers are currently very much in demand throughout the UK and the wider world in fact the demand for mobile enterprise applications is going to grow almost 10 times faster than developer capacities will and the amount of skilled developers. Android is currently the dominant player in the smart phone market with almost 80% usage compared to Apple’s 18% and this is expected to carry on right through 2020. Additionally the Internet of things is widely run on Java and this environment is set to grow and grow and grow which assures Java a very bright future.

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