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SEO Leaders have been in the SEO industry for over 20 years. Our founding member Andrew created what become one of the largest car forums in the world, over 15 years ago. It grew to such a size that is was re-homed and continued to grow to over 500,000 active members! This kind of experience in the SEO industry is rare, many agencies will preach that they are the best in Manchester, we would arguably say that our people are among some of the best in the industry.

We are located just over the Snake Pass in sunny Sheffield and visit our Manchester clients very regularly, we gain most of our new business by word of mouth and this is because we always treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves. This includes candid and honest SEO analysis for your Manchester based business at the outset, and from there we move to a more detailed overview of your company and what your goals are for the SEO campaign


Just another Manchester SEO Agency?

Not really! We dont't incessantly brag about how great we think we are. We would rather let our results do the talking.

We have numerous success stories in the highly competitive finance arena, with page 1 rankings for some search terms known to be the hardest to conquer. We have honed our skills in Payday loans and Loan comparison sites, and have several clients who are big players in both of these arenas. We also have a lot of ecommerce SEO experience and have the skills to completely change the trajectory of your existing ecommerce company with our technical skills and organic SEO knowledge. 

Local SEO in Manchester?

Of course! We are experts in Google local rankings and GMB promotion, we work with a vast range of companies to help them grow their business and harness the power of the internet.


Just a few of the SEO services we offer in Manchester include


Tell me more about this SEO then?

We specialise in white hat (aka long term) SEO, but have a very strong knowledge of all areas, including the ways of the black hat! This is mainly because you need to know your entire industry rather than part of it, but we strive to adher to Googles webmaster guidelines wherever possible!





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