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The TOP London SEO Agency

We are a Full Service London SEO Agency

SEO Leaders are the most advanced digital marketing, web development and SEO Agency London has to offer. We eat, live, breathe and dream about SEO and growing and developing digital businesses.

SEO Leaders are a National SEO agency based in Sheffield but with a strong client base in London and other major UK cities. We have a world leading team of SEO experts and have been in the web development and SEO game since the days of dial up modems and AOL.. (a long time..)

Our London SEO services comprise of SEO sprint (no contract) or monthly SEO services, ecommerce SEO services and Web design using our proven teams of industry leading experts.
Our project management experience ranges from working with local SME’s right through to big brand  names who we work for on various ongoing projects as we have a talent pool and skills base that is not available to them from the open market

Our London SEO Services

An established SEO Company serving London Businesses, Specialists in SEO Services And Website Development

Technical SEO

Our SEO team will inspect the code behind your website (known as onpage SEO) and correct any issues preventing Google from crawling or ranking your site high in Google.

SEO Audit

Our Full SEO Audit Service is the perfect service to identify where your website is at currently and build a roadmap to take it higher in Google. An SEO Audit cost depends on the size and complexity of the website, but is presented with technical findings, proposed fixes and an easy reading report talking through the findings.

Ecommerce SEO

We are experts in Ecommerce development and Ecommerce SEO.  Website Traffic (and new and existing customers) is at the heart of any ecommerce site . We can bring SEO knowledge and technical ecommerce framework expertise to any ecommerce project.

National SEO

Our SEO experts have helped a variety of nationally focused businesses using our constantly refined SEO methods. With the high level of competition in many industries when competing in national search, you need an SEO Agency with the pedigree and performance of the SEO Leaders!

International SEO

Are you a London based company looking to build or improve your International Web Presence. We have experience of all potential technical issues , website technical elements that are needed and importantly, we have prior experience of the subtleties of ranking in foreign language Google, for example, etc.

Google Penalty Recovery

Our SEO professionals are experienced in reverse engineering a Google Penalty or major drop in Google traffic to your website. We have helped websites recover from Google algorithmic penalties, in addition to manual actions that have been applied by Google quality raters to a website for numerous possible reasons. Google will only give a hint as to what the problem is, our experts will find the root cause of the issues and do our utmost to get the penalty removed.

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London SEO Services That Boost Revenue and Grow Visitor Traffic

Our founder Andrew has over twenty years in SEO?! Yes, our most experienced staff have that and more, some of our team have been writing code since the early 1980’s in fact, from the earliest days of the ZX81 release.

Our core skill set is a deep experience of business and the sales process combined with our technical skillset. We are not solely a techy geeky agency, but one that has a lot of commercial savvy and aims to provide maximum return on investment for all of our clients. We are experts at brand building, and helping brands to maximise their online potential, local search initiaves and National Search campaigns.

Our ecommerce SEO experience has been honed over more than 20 years and we have proven deep skills in optimising for Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, Zencart and pretty much any ecommerce packages that are used.

We believe we bring clarity, trust and a large degree of transparency to an industry that has built itself a representation for over promising and under delivering.

The benefits of using SEO Leaders as your London SEO Agency is that our pricing is minus the ‘London Tax’ so you can buy more high quality SEO work for your budget.
Consistently superb results, amazing communication and a long list of happy clients are ongoing proof that we are delivering.

It's Time To Send Your Brand to the Moon!

Our Expert SEO Services help you grow your business with digital marketing strategies that are proven to increase your bottom line metrics like conversion and revenue.
Over the past 5 years alone, we have managed more than 3 million transactions across our client base.

What Exactly Do Our SEO Management Services Include?

An SEO Audit

As a leading London SEO Agency SEO Leaders are skilled at website audits. Each of our SEO packages provide some form of SEO Audit, from an overview to a full deep dive digital roadmap and site technical analysis depending on the project size and scope and if a Full Audit is purchased.

At a minimum as part of your SEO Audit, your dedicated SEO Account Manager will be analysing:

  • Your website fundamentals and technicals
  • Your Google Search Console and Analytics data
  • Off Page factors (eg backlinks, press mentions etc)

 Keyword Research

Keyword Research is critical for all SEO campaigns. Without content targeting relevant keywords, you are not going to rank in the search results for anything that users are actually searching for. Too high competition keywords mean unless your site is a powerhouse brand you won’t rank for them (eg Best Credit Card) , or is the Keyword not competitive but also has no search volume? All of these factors need to be analysed and Keyword research has itself become a specialist area of work within digital marketing.

Why is Keyword Research so crucial to a successful SEO strategy? Primarily this is because without aiming for keywords that you can rank for, that have traffic, you will not reach the customers you are looking to target. The actual Keyword Research involves researching the search volume, competition, and CPC of keywords that are relevant to your business and your whole industry. After undertaking this we will garner valuable insights into which terms you should use in your title tags, Headings, content, and more. Skilled keyword planning and clustering, can be the difference between a very busy website, and… a website that gets only small amounts of visitor traffic.

Content Creation

Content is vital to ranking well in Google and without it, an effective SEO campaign is very difficult indeed because we need good content to rank highly in Google.

Content creation is done after the Keyword Research and will usually be focused around key industry or service (or product) topics. It could even be industry wide content but regardless of the content topic, content can be used over time to reach out and convert your target audience from visitors into customers.


Here are some of the most popular kinds of content and how they can benefit your website visitors.

  • Blogs: Google loves fresh new content, so Blogs can be a great addition as they will be added to and updated frequently. Blogs are normally shorter form content based, usually less than 1000 words; that could cover an industry topic or industry news. Blogs can be built to your target market sector and become a useful resource if they are built out over time with quality articles.
  • Service pages: Service pages are the web pages on your website that explain the services you offer.  Your service pages are the place to inform the customer how much knowledge you have on your service  offerings,  pricing where applicable, and more.
  • Product pages: Like service pages, product pages describe and show pictures of the products that you supply (or manufacture). These are vital and should be descriptive with your own content (not copied from a supplier if you resell). Product pages can be on an ecommerce site or just used as informational pages if you do not yet sell online.
  • Longform content: Long form content is usually over 2000 words long, and it provides lots of knowledge and information to readers about topics that are related to your industry. For example; if you operate an engineering business, you could have a longform piece about a special engineering process you may offer. The key reason for longform articles is to deeply explain a subject so the visitor can gain a good understanding of the subject matter and see how knowledgeable you are about it (and therefore why they will become a customer of yours).

On page SEO

is vital to any SEO campaign and we take a 360 degree approach to on-page SEO including (but not limited to) the following:

Page speed: We like to see a less than 2.5 / 3 second page load speed. TTFP (time to first paint is also studied)
Multimedia: Some webpages are very image (or text) heavy, sometimes images or videos can drastically slow a page load. Too much text can lead ot high bounce rate.
Meta data, Keywords and headings: Vital factors. Do these tie in with suitable keywords.
Content Quality and Amount: High quality and useful content is vital. Simply put if you dont have lots of good content, you cant rank for as many things as you could be ranking for.
Website structure: We look at full site structure, from interlinking, any error codes, duplicate content, URL structure, category structure, hreflang tags usage and more.
Mobile Responsiveness: Because almost 65% of Google searches are made on mobile we check the site on all devices and browsers.
Google Quality Rater Guidelines: We have a very in depth knowledge of the ever updating Google Quality rater guidelines, and we use this against our own checklist to benchmark where your site is at, what needs fixing, what needs improving and what needs adding over time.

 Off Page SEO

Great content only gets great results when it is shown in the right places.

We offer Link outreach services as part of our SEO Sprint packages and our powerhouse digital pr service


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