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Google insights and page speed update 2018

Google Insights Page Speed Update November 2018

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Update 2018 Review   Page load speed is a vital ranking metric. Every mili second becomes more crucial, and data shows…
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Javascript and Java – How do they work in html applications

What is Javascript then? What is Java? For any budding web developers, Javascript is a programming used that was developed in 1995 by…
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Google medic update

Google Medic Update – August 1st 2018 | SEO Leaders

What is the Google Medic Update? So on August 1st 2018, Google rolled out an algorithm update that was loosely coined 'the medic…
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google targetted adverts

Google bringing in “mute” option for its invasive targeting ads

  Google is bringing in changes to allow people to ‘mute’ pop ups that are targeting them to buy products from websites they…
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