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Looking at Opencart 3.x

Opencart 3.x series was a big upgrade from the 2.3.x series. We have listed below the main features that was in OC 3 when it was released. Even now the new and lateset Opencart 3.9 has these items and some extra bells and whistles which will be covered in a dedicated article. As Opencart Developers we have done a large amount of work on Opencart 3.x and other platforms over the years (Magento, Woocommerce, CS Cart etc) and it is our preferred platform out of all of them for numerous reasons. Mainly for its security, reliability and scaleability all the while combined with affordable development costs and unlimited potential.


The new Statistics menu allows you to track the total value of all your Sales, Processing Orders, Complete Orders, Out of Stock Products, Other Orders, Returns  and Pending Reviews.

To update the value,you just need to hit the Refresh button.

Extension Installer

OC3 has a new layout for the OpenCart Extension Installer.

As well as the new interface there is a new section called Install History, which keeps a log of all the extensions that are installed in your OpenCart store.

Language Editor

Its now possible to edit all of the texts in the storefront, regardless of what languages you are using.

You need to select which Route contains the element you want to edit and then choose it in the Key field. The language editor is really easy to use.

You will see what the Default text is currently and be able to enter the new one in the Value field which will then show that text value on your site instead of the default one.

Theme Editor

The OC3 theme editor lets you make changes you want to the code behind your OpenCart store directly from the admin panel. It uses the Twig format.

You can select which template you want to make edits to on the left and make your changes in the text editor on the right.

If you are running a multi-store setup, you can still edit the templates of your different shops by using the ‘change store’ dropdown at the top.

This new Theme Editor is a very useful and significant addition to OpenCart, as it gives you direct access to modifying your default template and modifying your storefront design directly from the admin panel.

SEO Keywords

Now on its own tab, Opencart 3 has the SEO Url function as a small addition towards optimising your site. In reality you will need to use a good extension that offers more comprehensive options.

You can see the new SEO Url in action in the image below.

Extension Marketplace

The marketplace for extensions and themes is now in the OpenCart admin panel.

To begin purchasing and installing extensions and themes off the marketplace, you need to click the Marketplace API button and enter your details.

New Admin Panel

OpenCart 3.0 has a brand new interface in the admin panel. The design is more compact, with some new details and minor alterations.

Firstly is the new user’s icon in the profile menu.

The profile link now leads to the editing section in the admin panel which is where you can add or edit your detials.

Another things is the category menu hover and the new hamburger menu .

Backup and Restore

The Backup & Restore section has a new layout and is more user friendly throughout the process.

New Admin Filters

There are new filters for data throughout the new OC 3 admin panel.

A good example is products which has a whole load of new filters located on the right side.

New Reports

The new Reports layout in OC3 lets you choose the report you want and filter on the right.

Reports are managed from the Extensions so you can add and remove the ones you want to use.

Sales section

The Orders page has some new filters and modifications to the Actions, among some visual changes.

in OC3 the filters are moved from the top of the menu and free up some space for the main focus, whetherthat is the Order List, Returns,Recurring Profiles,  etc

Opencart Sites built by Industry Leaders

SEO Leaders Opencart Developers have over 10 years full time Opencart experience!

Because we are a leading SEO and Ecommerce agency, we combine both of these skill sets in every Opencart project to ensure you get maximum value from your new website. It will be built to meet all Google best practices and ‘ready to rank’ well in Google. We can also offer powerful SEO packages to compliment your new or existing Opencart website. More visitors = more sales!

Opencart 3.x sidenotes

This platform is a tried and tested ecommerce platform that has been in the wild for some years. It is fully supported by the Opencart core team and developer community and is our go to choice for a new site build now that OC 3.9.x has been built to support PHP 8.3 and onwards. As Opencart Developers we can assist you with an Opencart Upgrade to this version or a new opencart site build.

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