Sucessful ecommerce company in the furniture niche –


Over an 8 month period we implemented a wide range of measures and developed a structured plan to accomplish the following:

  • Full site wide assessment and SEO analysis.
  • On page SEO analysis
  • Domain history analysis
  • Link profile analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product fit -> market analysis
  • In depth product keyword research
  • Content writing efforts

A large number (over a hundred) 404 error pages were found within the site, along with broken 301 redirects from old products to new ones. This took a significant amount of time to sort out but was essential to build a solid baseline for later works.

Keyword adjustments and additions – lots… too many to go into in a summary case study suffice to say we focused on the more heavily searched terms and added some new ones to assist in traffic generation.

Once the on page SEO was completed focus moved to the backlink profile of the domain. Over past years various ‘SEO companies’ had done their stuff with the site and as such there was a lot of exact match anchor text. This needed diluting which we then took care of. Further white hat link building methods were employed and some gold standard content was added to the sites blog for us to get some quick win traffic off in due course. Adding regular quality content was outsourced to one of our writers who now provide weekly articles for this company.

Summary results of our efforts were almost 100% increase in organic traffic and sales increased from £200k per month to over £500k per month. Needless to say we are still working with this client and the growth trend continues.