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We work with the best in the industry, and make them bigger and better. Our pedigree in eCommerce SEO is a truly high caliber one, having worked with some of the most successful brands on the internet and we have in depth expertise of working with Magento, OpenCart, Woo commerce and pretty much all other solutions after being heavily involved in eCommerce SEO and eCommerce development for more than 20 years. Yes, we are not a bunch of 18 year olds! , but a bunch of seasoned tech professionals, who continually strive to improve our knowledge and get massive results for all of our clients!

At SEO Leaders we are experienced in the fact that every business and eCommerce store is unique, which is why our proven eCommerce in depth audit and analysis, backlinks analysis and technical on-page SEO analysis is done rigorously to meet the needs of your individual company, but within our tried and tested eCommerce Audit framework.

​If ​your growing online business or eCommerce store is not getting the traffic and making the sales it deserves – our specialist ecommerce SEO ​agency is here to assist. With nearly 20 years of experience Serving clients ​across the UK, ​we're committed to providing ​a truly top standard e-commerce SEO service.

Unlike wannabe eCommerce SEO agencies we are fully aware that there is no one size fit’s all packages available for any area of SEO.

Deep site analysis skills and resources are a critical part to ranking an eCommerce site in 2018, and that is before we even get started with further technical SEO, detailed buyer analysis, keyword analysis, on-page analysis and code optimisation and quality link acquisition. These are the factors that will help you make it to the top of the organic search results, rank for more keywords, and resultantly convert more of those new targeted visits into sales.

From the minute our highly specialist team of eCommerce SEO experts begins working on your website, we will deploy enterprise level software applications to monitor, analyse your site and keywords on an ongoing basis, including your positions for the keywords, in desktop, mobile etc.

Then it is a more thorough drill down to a full and detailed site analysis on an overview level, followed by a page by page breakdown. This is regardless of the software that your site is running.

Following a site analysis overview we look into more on page technical factors and assess where changes need to be made on the site, are you running an outdated eCommerce package that is hard to optimise and is never going to rank well in 2018? If so we will tell you straight! We are of course experts in eCommerce site development, particularly our ‘built to rank’ services which are designed from the ground up to rank well in modern search engines. These requirements are very different from the methods used 10 or even 5 years ago, but we work in the industry full time so have a very strong knowledge of what works, what is going to work, and what is not going to work!

Alongside the on-page and site architecture factors, we look at your current performance in the search engines. What is your daily and monthly traffic? Where are those web visitors coming from? What is your audience? What, if any, advertising are you doing online? Eg adwords or Facebook or Instagram adverts. What are your keyword and product rankings?

What is your presence like on Social Media?

We then reassess the site based on the newly found knowledge about keyword data. , we look at what the leaders in the field are doing.

From there we formulate a plan to address the site issues, or if a newly built eCommerce site is required, this moves in to the planning phase with the newly gleaned knowledge. Our specialist SEO focused site migration service is critical here, as anything other than a perfectly executed site upgrade can lose you pretty much all your rankings overnight, if not planned down the minutest detail.

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