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Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Our specialist subject is Ecommerce . We are an ecommerce marketing agency. Our core speciality is Opencart development , Woocommerce development and Ecommerce SEO. We provide advanced Ecommerce SEO services for a wide range of ecommerce frameworks including Magento, CS Cart, Shopify and many more. We know that growing your online store’s conversion rate is at the core of bringing in revenue and lowering your cost per customer. In order to improve conversion rates, our team will conduct a thorough review of your eCommerce store and make improvements, which will convert more visitors into paying customers. We are happy to work with your existing developer if you have one and can provide a technical change list for them to work to up your SEO game and help us start bagging those higher rankings!

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An established battle tested SEO Company , Offering Cutting Edge Ecommerce SEO Services , PPC Management And Internet Marketing Services.

Ecommerce SEO

Outrank your competitors on the world’s most popular search engines and blast your site traffic to the moon. With our Ecommerce centric focus we can bring  full knowledge of what works and what doesnt work to your business, with game changing results. We can work with almost any ecommerce platform when providing our ecommerce SEO services.

OpenCart Developers

We have honed our eCommerce skills building, developing and ranking Opencart websites. We have experienced PURE Opencart developers on hand to bring to life your Opencart project and we can develop custom extensions, do migrations, upgrades, Journal 3 integrations, SEO work and lots more.

Woocommerce Developers

We also offer Woocommerce developer and full build services. After all, how could we not be experts in the most popular ecommerce framework (ok plugin) out there!

Google Shopping

We love Google shopping. We can refine or build your Google shopping presence from the ground up. Don’t miss out on this high performing sales channel!


SEO Leaders have worked with Magento on many occasions over the years, starting from v1.xx! While we do not offer customisation services for Magento we offer a full suite of technical SEO services to get your store performing better in the search results.

Shopify SEO

We can wave our SEO talents over your Shopify store and help increase your search presence and rankings.

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Ecommerce SEO FAQ

Ecommerce SEO is the processes involved in increasing your online shop’s visibility in the SERPs (search engine result pages), primarily referring to Google. When people are searching for the products that you sell, you want to be as high as possible in the results thereby winning more clicks (aka web traffic). Paid search is also a way of getting traffic but it can be unsuitable for some ecommerce products and in the long run Organic Ecommerce SEO costs less. The primary reason being that the CPC (cost per click) of some products is too much to make a profit on a sale. However Google shopping ties in very well with an ecommerce SEO friendly online store.

SEO is very important for ecommerce websites!. The basic premise is that your products have to rank higher than the competitions in order that you can grab the sales. TO enable this ecommerce SEO has various components like technical SEO which ensure that your website and product pages are optimised to rank well in Google, meaning that you get the clicks and sales over and above the competition.

That is a very wide ranging question, some SEO Agencies will only work on a monthly retainer basis where as some companies like SEO Leaders also offer SEO Sprint one off packages. As a ballpark, a commercial SEO Agency would charge anywhere from £500 per month (cheapest) through £2,000+ per month for a midrange SEO campaign to £10,000 per month ++ for bigger campaigns.

One off SEO package costs vary as it depends on the size of the ecommerce website (number of pages, complexity, current rankings, industry) and what the SEO work being carried out is but £2000 (per SEO package) for an SME through to £10,000 plus (per SEO package) for bigger businesses is a reliable estimation. Bear in mind SEO packages are usually bought with some degree of frequency if a company wishes to get ahead and stay ahead of the industry competition; the big difference is there is no contractual obligation to clients and in our experience this builds trust with clients. It also allows companies a degree of flexibility so they can decide to buy for example 4 SEO sprints per year (one every 3 months) and they get an optimum ROI along with a clear understanding of what they have got for their money. You can read our article here on how much SEO costs.

Keyword research is a vital ingredient for an ecommerce SEO campaign. If you target keywords that are too generic you wont rank for them against the big players who hold those spots, also there is no buyer intent with generic keywords. Too competitive keywords? You will have trouble ranking for those unless your site is very popular already! Low competition keywords? these can be a great inroad into building traffic to an ecommerce site, but not all keywords will have search volume.

Another major factor is the technical SEO behind your website. An old non compliant ecommerce site will struggle to rank. Poor site structure? Slow load times and bad navigation? Duplicate content? Huge long URLs? No Canonicals?

These are just some of the many factors behind doing SEO on an ecommerce website! If you want some expert help with your ecommerce, just contact us and we can help!

SEO is a very effective method to increase your revenue and profits. E-commerce stores thrive on a constant supply of new customers and a loyal repeat buyer userbase. Without new buyers to drive new revenue, your ecommerce store will struggle to grow. SEO is the fuel that can drive lots of new customers every day to your ecommerce store. Good UX and a high conversion rate on the site means these new Google visitors become new customers as opposed to just visitors.

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How to grow your Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce websites allow your customers to purchase goods (or services) from your website. It can open up a whole new market for businesses and turn a local enterprise into a nationwide one. But it’s not as easy as setting up an ecommerce website and waiting for the orders to start flowing in.

The initial web design and development of an ecommerce website needs a lot of planning and thought, for ecommerce you are incorporating a large number of different areas into one. You need to think about navigation, different product categories (that you can rank in Google), data protection, online payment processing, what ecommerce framework to use in addition to the day to day running of the website.

New Ecommerce Website?

So you want a new Ecommerce Website?

We always approach an ecommerce site build or revamp with SEO at the forefront. The site needs to be able to compete in Google and to do that, it’s very important that the site is built correctly from day one. As part of this you need to ask what are your potential customers searching for? What exact phrases are they using and what is the buyer intent across different search terms? (for the same and related products). How price sensitive are your buyers and can you compete in the marketplace? At SEO Leaders we are experts at researching all the keywords and competition in your marketplace; if an ecommerce website is developed using the wrong keywords for categories or products and a poor site structure, it can be very difficult to make it rank well hence we always advise this area has a lot of attention paid to it.

Once keywords for each product and category and meta data for all pages has been planned, the next stage is creating wireframes of the site and UX design and finalising site structure. Another key decision in the build of any ecommerce website is what platform it should be built on?
Here at SEO Leaders our go to choices for ecommerce frameworks are Opencart and Woocommerce. Having built sites in many others including multi vendor sites in CS Cart and ecommerce sites in Magento 1 and Magento 2 we have a very good knowledge of what framework offers what and our opencart developers and woocommerce developers can do anything within these platforms. They are well supported platforms and you don’t need to pay large annual fees like you do with Magento 2 and CS Cart.
Generally we advise on platform choice depending on what ecommerce site you have now (if you have one) and what your site requirements are (expected traffic, amount of products, amount of content pages, expected content articles etc).

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Things to Avoid on an Ecommerce Website

In the same way that there are some things you must do when selling online, there are also things that need to be avoided. Here is our list of most common mistakes that we see across ecommerce websites:

  1. Not being clear from your homepage exactly what you sell and why
  2. Having overpriced generic products
  3. Using default text for your product descriptions (supplier text), you need original text.
  4. Using one or two poor images for each product
  5. Poor Navigation. Products need to be categorised well and be able to be filtered and a search function is needed
  6. Being out of stock for multiple products, this is bad for bounce rate
  7. Not having a meaninful about us page and our team page
  8. Using a PO box and not a proper business address. Not having a phone number that works
  9. Not having a clear delivery policy and sensible pricing
  10. Dropshipping products
  11. Not having a clear and legal returns policy
  12. Spending a lot on PPC for products that are low in value, unless they lead to a multi product purchase in the customer journey.

Why work with SEO Leaders?

SEO Leaders are business focused ecommerce experts! So our primary aim is for your new or revamped ecommerce site to rank well and make you lots of money. What’s good for your business is good for our reputation (and business).

Because we are SEO experts as well as ecommerce developers we build your ecommerce website to be high performing in Google which aids any marketing efforts. It is also something that is very often not done well by a lot of other ecommerce sites, so it can be our edge into helping you dominate your competitors online.

Everything we do is aimed at achieving results for your business and we plan your project accordingly. We are always honest with our thoughts, recommendations and best practice suggestions and genuinely care about our clients and also that we are providing a great service at all times.

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