Google Penalty Recovery

So, your business website got penalised from Google?

What types of Google Penalties are there?

There are two main types of Google penalties, algorithmic Penalties and Manual Penalties

What is a Google manual Penalty

Google manual penalties are just as they sound. Your website has been manually penalised by the good folks at Google! Google has an army of manual reviewers who assess sites that don't meet Googles quality standards. This can be for numerous reasons. penalties include 'unnatural links TO your site eg/ paid dodgy links', 'low quality content or duplicate content', 'cloaking penalties', 'hacked site' penalties, 'keyword stuffing/low quality content', 'pure spam',  'structured markup penalties', 'thin content', 'unnatural links FROM your site eg link sellers', 'user generated spam' otherwise known as spun content, 'expired jobs posting penalty' which is when you are advertising jobs but not marking them up in schema as no longer available when the vacancy has gone.

Manual penalties can be checked by looking in Webmaster Tools for your site. The symptoms of having a manual penalty are that your site has 1/ disappeared totally from Google, or 2/ partly disappeared from Google.

What is an Google Algorithmic Penalty

Algorithmic penalties come in a wide range of types and can be even more arduous than manual penalties to deal with because there is no way of knowing the cause. They can become apparent by a sudden loss of rankings, Google penalties are named differently by the industry and are aimed at tackling different issues, eg paid links, thin content, local search spamming and so on.

How to identify a Google Algorithmic Penalty?

 That's where we come into play! This is known as Forensic SEO to our team of SEO wizards. We analyse your sites traffic and when the penalty seemed to be applied, what it applies to, what are the effects it is causing? Then we go through your entire site structure (onpage SEO) and a full back link analysis and digital profile analysis. From this we work out where we think the problem is and we then set to work to fix it. 

We have a 98% success rate in getting manual penalties revoked and with re ranking sites penalised with an algorithmic penalty.

Don't be under any illusion though, it can be a long road! Sites that have had a manual penalty removed can be hard to rank again depending on the penalty, industry and site status. Usually, we make them rank better than they ever did before though, but it is a significant cost commitment with no timescale to 'you will be back on page 1 in x weeks' being available. We just work as fast and safely as possible to ensure your site regains Google trust and resultantly Google Love!